Popular Cactus Arrangements are the Latest Trend for Adding Green to a Home

People who claim not to have any kind of green thumb at all when it comes to raising indoor plants should seriously consider investing in some small cactus plants. They are so hardy and self-reliant that if you neglect to water them, in fact if you completely forget about them for months at a time, they like it just fine. In fact, neglect is what makes cacti thrive and eventually bloom. Most often an overeager cultivator kills them off by giving them too much water and food.

These desert cultivars are making a dramatic comeback in 2019, as more people want to lighten their carbon footprint and combat global warming. A shelf of cactus plants in the living room is not only austerely elegant, but acts as subtle reminder to you and your guests that the planet’s resources are not inexhaustible, but need careful husbanding.

Another great advantage of cacti is that you can order them online at discount prices and never worry about them dying on the way. As already mentioned, they are a super hardy breed of plant, and it takes more than being bumped around in a cardboard box for 48 hours to kill them.

So the next time you want to add something organic to your home’s décor, try some cacti!

However, there are a lot of houseplants that represent just a small portion of all the amazing plants around. There are at least 80 different species of houseplants, all with unique features that make them special. Why not try them also?

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