Flooding Vs Water Damage

You will be surprised to know that your definition of the flood may be different from your insurance company’s flood definition. It is the difference that actually determines the type of home insurance you will require for your home.

Imagine the situation.

Springs’ rainy water soaks through the walls of your roof and damages your walls and floor. What even worse is that you returned to your office after a weekend and find that water has accumulated outside the building and the flooding situation is created inside. Valley Disaster and Restoration prepares you for a remodel in the best way after calamity.

Well, you have a flood insurance policy, so you might think that you can cover both the damages with this policy. But when you contacted your flood insurance agent, you got to know that this insurance will only cover the damage caused to your office and not to your home. It is because water damage has occurred to your home before flooding.

Got confused?

Well, you are not alone. Many homeowners mistakenly consider water damage insurance and flood insurance as a single thing, but actually, these are two different things.

In reality, if your insurance doesn’t cover your property damage, then your claim will not be covered.

Also, remember that if your home does not have flood insurance that it will not be compensated for flood damage by the flood insurance company.

Simply put, Flood damage is not a form of water damage.

To determine the type of homeowners insurance, you need to understand first the basic difference between these two damages.

Flood Definition

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defined flood as the temporary condition of the partial or complete overflow of more than two acres and more than two properties of a complete dry land (at least one of the these should be policy holder’s property).

Flood damage can be caused due to the following water sources.

  • Inundation of tidal waters.
  • Unusual or rapid accumulation of water from any source.
  • Mudflow
  • The collapse of land at the shore of a river or lake due to erosion or undermining which is caused by currents of water when water exceeds the anticipated levels.

Water Damage Definition

Water damage is covered under home insurance. But make sure to read the complete policy carefully to exactly know what kind of water damage your policy will cover. Water damage occurs in the following manner.

  • Sever rainwater soaks through your roof causing damaging of walls and floors.
  • Water saturated at the ceiling due to a pipe burst.
  • A broken window allows water into your home.

In simple words, the main difference between water damage and flood damage is that in flood damage, water comes from a natural source. If your neighbors are also suffering from the same water issues, then you are likely dealing with the flood damage.

While on the other hand, if there is any water issue inside your house and your neighbors don’t have any, then it is a situation of water damage and needs water damage claim. Contact your home insurance company and file a water damage insurance claim. Most importantly, you will definitely need the help of an emergency water damage restoration company.

Know your Insurance Policy

The insurance companies nowadays are into the business of just making money. No matter how benevolently they are presenting them through their advertisements, most of them are just seeking for their profits.

We advise you to carefully go through your insurance policies to precisely know about what will be covered under the insurance claim. You can also visit a place like www.lmrpublicadjusters.com/water-damage/ if you are having any issue in getting a water damage claim for your property.

Also, don’t wait to buy flood insurance until the weather forecast of heavy rainfall. Sometimes the policy takes 30 days of time to come into effect maybe it becomes too late then. So, contact your agent and buy it now. Also, don’t forget to learn about Home warranty, which is also great for home owners. What is a home warranty? Click here and find out!

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