10 Tips For Using An Airless Spray Gun

Nowadays, the airless spray gun is popular option for covering a large surface area in a short time. But before switching it on, everyone needs to know the safety measures related to using an airless spray gun. Here are some precautions that you need to take before using the gun.

1. Check whether the gun has a trigger guard and also a safety shield around it. If these things are not properly attached, the chance of accident is a hundred times worse than usual.

2. Ensure that the safety lock is on while it is not in use. The lock is the only thing that can save you from an accident.

3. While using an airless spray gun, if the tip is clogged, don’t try to clear it by pressing it with your fingers. It could activate at any moment. Don’t allow anyone to point it towards you–even as a joke!

4. Use a proper face mask while operating an air less spray gun as it generates high temperature. If you are not properly dressed it can burn your skin badly and could contribute to skin cancer.

5. Always use in well-ventilated area. Cover all furniture, along with doorknobs, switches and light fixtures. to prevent the settling of fog onto items you don’t want painted. Wear proper face safety gear (breathing mask); the fog is harmful to your health. Keep it away from the pets and out of the reach of children. Supplying a pressure of 3000 pounds per square inch. Paint is forced through the tip at 200 to 300 miles per hour.

6. The operating system of the airless spray gun executes through a small hole at the end of the gun. Always keep it upright, and sweep it gently, horizontally back and forth.Keep fingers away from the tip while spraying.

7. Before cleaning the sprayer or other maintenance, turn it off and disconnect it from the electrical source. Squeeze it well to release any build-up of pressure inside. After all pressure is released, unit can be cleaned. Clean well after each use. Otherwise the tip will get clogged.

8. Always use the airless spray gun in well-ventilated areas. Do not use near heat sources, open flames or smoking areas. Apply only on exterior surfaces like billboards, walls or fences.

9. While working outside keep container in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not smoke while using it.

10. Researchers have found that using a spray gun can cause certain effects on your health. It may cause headaches, skin or eye irritation, dizziness, and can contribute to liver, kidney and lung problems. It can also contribute to cancer if precautions are neglected or ignored.

So these are the safety parameters, along withsome tips how to use you airless spray gun while painting. Always use your spray gun safely. Manufacturer’s instructions are essential, and you need to follow them to be safe while using it. You can reap the benefit if you follow the steps. With safety comes the happiness.

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