If A Client is Injured During a House Showing, Who is Liable?

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One of the last things anyone expects is for a potential buyer of a home to be injured during a showing. If this type of accident occurs, who is liable for the victim’s injuries? If you were the victim, the best way to find out if you may be entitled to compensation is by consulting a slip and fall injury lawyer on this website. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the best way to present your case to improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

If the real estate broker or homeowner had reason to know that there was a hazardous or dangerous condition on the property, and did not fix the dangerous condition or warn the potential buyers of the danger, they may be held responsible for any damages that occurred to the victim. The liability will rest ultimately with who had knowledge or should have had knowledge, that there was a dangerous condition on the property. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the personal injury lawyers in Westland, MI can help you recover financial compensation. Calling a personal injury lawyer in case of a slip and fall accident is recommended so you’ll be guided on what to do to secure any proof or evidence of the homeowner’s negligence.

If the dangerous condition was completely hidden and neither the real estate agent or broker or the homeowner had any reason to know the hazard existed, the homeowner’s insurance would likely cover any cost of injuries suffered by a potential buyer.

Zach Christiansen, a real estate law firm attorney says that a potential buyer coming to a showing is an “invitee” of the owner. For the owner to be liable for an injury that happened during the showing, it would have to be shown that the owner knew of the potential hazard or should have known and didn’t do anything to address it.

A situation where a realtor could be liable would be if the realtor had staged the house and it could be shown the realtor was responsible for a hazard created by the staging that shouldn’t have been present, which ended up injuring the client, even getting a portable stage for entertainment can be a good idea.

To avoid these kinds of issues, the sellers of a home and real estate agents or brokers should always visit about how to make the home safe for both potential buyers and other visiting real estate agents. Make sure to have all lights turned on, and stairways illuminated, even during the day. Remove any obvious hazards or dangerous items, such as weapons. Even removing a block of knives from a kitchen counter could prevent some unforeseeable injury to a potential buyer, like slip and fall injuries. Additional care should be taken throughout the home to ensure that there are no obvious tripping hazards or ways to slip on the property. Rugs and carpets should be secured in such a way that visitors cannot trip on them, and furniture and other items should be removed from common pathways.

If a real estate agent wants to protect
themselves from any kind of liability regarding a potential buyer
having an injury during a showing, they should make sure to follow
simple etiquette and respect towards the buyer. Any requests of the
buyer regarding their property should be respected, and all showing
instructions should be carefully followed. Additionally, real estate
agents and brokers have a responsibility to ensure that the home is
safely locked and secured when they leave the premises to avoid any
kind of burglary or someone entering the home and injuring

The decision who will be liable if a client is injured during a showing will largely depend on the facts and circumstances of each case. However, to ensure everyone’s safety, all parties should take as many precautions as possible to avoid any slips, trips, or falls in a seller’s home. You can look here for professionals who can guide you.

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