Checklist for Restoring your Home after a Water Damage

Water damages cause a significant loss of life and property. For those who are safe after the destruction, restoring their home to normal is another challenge. Floods and leaking pipes are the primary reasons for water damages. Several problems can arise due to the remaining water in your home. Therefore, you must clean it up properly and contact restoration services to rebuild your house. 

Must-do things after Water Damages

Include these steps in your clean-up strategy before you actually start restoring it. Before you start, take photographs of the existing situation. It will help you with claims and other restoration payments. 

Disconnect and save your Items

When you are allowed to enter your house after the water damage, turn off the power if it is possible. Move out all the electrical appliances that are out of risk. It will help you save your undamaged belongings. Remove the carpet and furniture of your house to clean them separately with the help of Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati while your home gets restored. These steps can minimize your damage significantly. 

Prevent water

One of the crucial ways to clean up your house after the water damage is to stop more water from entering your home. Stop the main water line to prevent excess water causes more destruction. Use your cleaning tools to wipe off the existing water residing inside. At the end of the day water damage is best left to the professionals. If you’re dealing with water damage, it’s important to call a local water damage company as soon as possible. They will be able to assess the situation and provide you with the best course of action. And if you have noticed unexplained water near the foundation of your home, you may have a slab leak. If that is the case, you need prompt residential slab leak detection service to locate the source of the problem and perform necessary repairs before the damage gets out of hand.

Start drying 

Speed up your cleaning process by drying out the entire house. Open up windows to let the air come inside. If there is no risk in using electricity, keep your fans, circulators, blowers fans, and window fans switched on to help dry your house. Open up all the closet doors and cabinets to remove the water from there too. You must click on this link if you wish to replace your cabinets due to water damage.

Eliminate moisture-rich sources

You would not want to stock up damage-prone sources in your house. Remove all the items that are soaked into water. Keep them under sunlight to dry and use again or dispose of. Rugs and the furniture covered with textiles must be uninstalled immediately. Pull off the flooring to make room for the subfloors to dry appropriately. Remove all the wet insulation from the walls and floors. 

Check and remove Mold

You cannot stop mold from sticking to your house after floods. Mold finds its home in a moist environment. Water damages make your house a perfect place for them to stay in. While cleaning up, you must make sure that you check all those places that can allow mold to grow on their surfaces. Wipe off these surfaces with the right solution or use a pressure washing service to get rid of everything much easier. Your carpets, furniture, walls, and other belongings can also come under the grip of mold. It is dangerous for your health, causing respiratory problems like asthma. Hire mold removal omaha company to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Disinfect your House

After you have removed all the mold from the house, don’t take a chance for other bacteria to ruin your health. Use a disinfectant to spray all over your house, removing all the harmful microorganisms that might have entered your home through sewers, drains, toilets, and of course, from the outside sources. 

Sanitize your food and water

Whatever food is left with you, if it is packed and away from the outside environment, you can disinfect them and use it in the future. Remove the labels from the cans and bottles, and sanitize them correctly. Boil and filter the water that has left in your house (for drinking, cooking, and washing) for further usage. Discard all the utensils (made of plastic) that have been contaminated by the floodwater. If you are using metal and ceramic utensils, wash them with hot water.

Contact with the right water damage restoration company after you have cleaned your house on your part. They will surely help you get back to healthy living.  

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