Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions & NCST Partnership Contracts Another Affordable Baltimore Home

RPS Solutions LLC is a company that provides homeownership assistance for first-time buyers in the Baltimore area. RPS Solutions recently completed a new contract for a first-time buyer, Tajh Flagg & Leah Hall Flagg, with a property at 1126 Elbank Ave in Baltimore, Maryland.

This stunning sunlit EOG townhomes feature absolutely gorgeous hardwood floors, custom crown molding, and recessed lighting. The home also features a fully furnished modern kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances, ceramic flooring, and beautiful granite countertops, in addition to a breakfast bar.  The Elbank Ave home also features a fully furnished basement, complete with enclosed laundry and utilities, and a walk up to the backyard, all of this is possible thanks to a custom home builder.

With Kevin Seawright at the helm, RPS Solutions LLC has made great progress toward making affordable housing more accessible to lower-income people in the past several years.  This is part of a mission that Kevin also fulfilled for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey.  RPS Solutions LLC specifically focuses on working with people who have limited resources, and typically first time home buyers that aren’t knowledgeable about the home buying process.  They provide resources and insight to make the experience safer, and easier for first time buyers.

RPS also partners with the National Community Stabilization Trust to enhance their ability to provide assistance to limited-resource families, so that they may enjoy the benefits of homeownership. 

New homeowners, Tajh Flagg & Leah Hall Flagg were ecstatic with their new purchase. “RPS Solutions took all of the questions out of home buying, and made it much easier to plan for this new opportunity”.  Because the process of buying a home is often confusing to first time home buyers, the Flagg family praised RPS Solutions and NCST’s assistance for making the transition to being a homeowner much easier than they expected.

Both Kevin Seawright and the NCST believe these home purchases will help to boost the local Baltimore economy.  Kevin shared his confidence about the benefits of RPS and NCST’s partnership.  The NCST has been in operation since 2009, with the intent of restoring and renovating vacant or abandoned homes throughout the United States of America.  The organization has successfully matched more than 23,000 homes with qualified buyers.

About Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has years of experience in business management, and as an accounting professional.  He has a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Almeda University.  Kevin’s past experience includes overseeing commercial and residential real estate development projects.  Mr. Seawright has also supervised multiple public education projects.  Kevin divides his time between Baltimore, and Newark, New Jersey, where he works to strengthen the economies of both cities by providing resources for first time home buyers.

About RPS Solutions LLC

Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC in 2015, with the intent to help the local Baltimore economy by providing first time home buyers with the resources they need to safely purchase homes throughout the city. The RPS Solutions team includes individuals with backgrounds in finance, business, and business management.  The company is well known throughout the Baltimore community for helping to enrich the lives of individuals and families, as well as seniors and the disabled.

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