Upgrades that Will Make Difference When It Comes Time To Sell Your Home

Upgrading your home not only adds value to it but can also improve your quality of life. There are things to do before selling your house, upgrades, and renovation projects that make a difference when its time to sell your home that may be recommended to you by the best realtor. For example, a home in Florida might be perfect for a pool as it can be used for a majority of the year. For cold climates, this would be a negative as the upkeep of a pool can cost thousands of dollars per year. The following are upgrades that will help increase the value of the home and can make the selling process seamless. And if you really want to sell your home immediately, then consider getting help from a best realtor that uses a quality Real Estate Agent Marketing Service.

Energy Efficient Windows

Saving money monthly on an investment that simultaneously maximizes your natural light in the home is a no brainer. Windows depending on size and the volume you will need can be immensely expensive. The aspect to look at is that of the savings you can receive with these energy-efficient windows. Your home could be hemorrhaging heat or cool air daily. Some people can reduce their electric bills by hundreds per month with the renovation paying for itself. Combine this with the fact that it will increase the value of the home makes it an investment that pays for itself.

Waterproofing Your Crawl Space or Basement then Finishing the Space

Finishing your basement will add to the livable square footage of the home. You are going to need to waterproof your basement though as it can become damp leading to mold. And for this, you will need a professional basement waterproofing contractor. The last aspect you want to deal with is black mold throughout the home or potential water damage. Crawl space encapsulation or utilizing this technique in your basement will keep the space dry rather than vapor barriers which are not sufficient. This can act as a guest bedroom or even an area to entertain guests/the family. Avoid doing any renovations until you ensure that it will stay dry as a wet basement can ruin electronics. The last thing you want at your home inspection is to have to pour thousands of dollars into repairs that could have been prevented.

Faux Wood Tile Floor Installation

Wood flooring has a classic look but also can be damaged and replaced after a certain period. For people with young children or wild pets, this is not a selling point of a home. Faux wood tile is great as it gives the classic look of wood combined with the durability of tile. This will be easy to clean spills off and will not be scratched up by pets. Wood floors are great but the upkeep simply is not for a busy family or individual. Other durable options that are easy to keep clean is that of painted concrete.

Remodeling the Kitchen and Adding an Island

The remodeling of a kitchen can be expensive, to say the least depending on the cabinets and countertops that are selected. Adding a kitchen island expands counter space and is perfect for kitchens that have enough room. The ability to prep or serve on the island allows for better traffic control in the kitchen. A structural engineering services company can help you with the logistics of the remodel. The truth is that plenty of people watch too much HGTV so marble countertops along with a certain color cabinet can sell a home.

Selling your home is a stressful time for some that have to deal with extensive repairs or do not receive offers at their asking price. The time to sell is not always right so take a look at the local real estate market if it has dipped recently or consider their cash offers for homes program. The home is the largest investment that many people make in their lives so it is important to get a good return on it. Consider these house selling tips and renovations above to start adding value to the home.

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