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Sean Tissue

As a real estate investor and developer with over a decade of experience, Sean Tissue honed the extensive skills needed to successfully acquire, develop, and maintain real estate investment properties in up-and-coming markets. Through his own experiences, Tissue recognized the transformative power of proactive communication, forward-thinking, marketing, analytics-based development, customer demand, and the crucial nature of forecasting housing trends. Tissue leveraged those skills as a young entrepreneur and was able to leverage them further to eventually founded and become the CEO of Centureon Investments, a highly specialized leader in real estate investment and development in the greater Detroit are and the Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States.

For his foray into real estate investment and development, Sean Tissue joined forces with two trusted real estate investment professionals whom he had previously worked with and who had acquired their real estate broker pre license online, and with decades of management experience and thousands of successfully managed luxury properties between them, such as an active adult community, Tissue and his partners were on their way to success. Together, the trio began to develop the framework for the mission statement behind Centureon Investments, dedicating their expertise to building a leading real estate investment management company that focuses on communication, transparency, tenant satisfaction, and investor partnerships.

Since its inception, the team at Centureon Investments has recognized the transformative power of proactive communication, transparency, and alignment of goals in building long-term partnerships with investors. Rather than focusing on purely transactional interactions, this approach, allows Tissue and company to build and maintain partnerships that are unrivaled in the real estate investment space. Unlike many competitors, who focus solely on a singular aspect of the investment cycle, the team at Centureon works with potential investors from the first identified sign of interest all the way through the lifecycle of the investment partnership. Through this comprehensive approach, many investors develop an unparalleled rapport with the company and commit to future investments with Centureon.

The team at Centureon Investments works to proactively educate potential investors in the various market conditions, potential outcomes, and other variables of real estate investment through extensive market analyses. Starting with a complete markup of potential local markets, the team creates an analysis of projected hyper-local real estate trends, market saturation, and rental increase ratios that will determine the relative success of the proposed investment for potential investors. Look for places like a palm springs condominum where is calm and you can also find supermarkets and shops near by. This proactive analysis not only builds confidence in novice investors but sets the framework for a long-term positive relationship for all investors.

As a company, Centureon Investments strives to provide ongoing management reporting, marketing analysis, and overall market trend reporting, with a focus on providing investor partners with the most up to date information possible. The idea is that this focus will foster a trusting long-term relationship. As some investors choose to acquire property in multiple markets, these analyses are invaluable in helping investors determine future investment opportunities and maintain appropriate expectations regarding ongoing investments. With a robust portfolio across multiple markets, Centureon Investments provides real estate investors with the opportunity to engage with, and invest in, various markets instead of concentrating on a single market. This provides a full range of investment options at varying price points, and as a result, Centureon can provide investors with a multitude of entry-points and the opportunity to acquire valuable investments that suit their specific needs.

When developing Centureon Investments, Sean Tissue recognized the need for providing a one-stop-shop for all investors, including remote and novice investors. It is because of this that Centureon focuses on leveraging the team’s breadth of knowledge to offer comprehensive services in every aspect of the real estate investment game. As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive management needs to their investors, Centureon personnel adhere to extremely high standards of customer service care. All Centureon employees provide extensive property marketing efforts, help with any and all ongoing maintenance requests, and ensure all tenants are extremely satisfied throughout their entire relationship with Centureon. In this regard, Tissue’s team has set the groundwork for a commitment to customer service that is unparalleled and unprecedented in the real estate industry.

As a result of Centureon Investment’s commitment to communication and proactive management style, the team has been able to provide positive results for their investor partners, and even rejuvenate previously failing investments that their new investors are bringing with them. As a result of poor communication between real estate investors and subpar management companies, many investors have reached out to Tissue and team to revive their seemingly lackluster investments. Tissue believes that any and all residential areas can benefit from proper attention, marketing, and tenant vetting processes, and in these instances, Centureon’s commitment to customer service allows the company to turn around previously unstable investments and convert one-time investors into life-long partners.

By holding all staff accountable to strict communication standards, Tissue creates a standard of operations across the entire company. With such guidelines firmly in place, renters, investors, and all other involved personnel can expect to yield similar results in every interaction with Centureon, further propelling the company’s positive reputation. This level of expertise and commitment is integral toward creating growth, maintaining investor and consumer satisfaction, and developing a positive reputation as a leader in the industry.

Since inception, This Residential Real Estate Company has worked diligently to provide exceptional service to real estate investors and rental properties the company has invested in on its own behalf, servicing their own properties with the same standards that have allowed the company to grow consistently. Since Centureon invests in, owns, and manages property, the team is well-versed in anticipating the needs of its investors, a capability that is often lost on real estate companies that are not vertically-integrated. This involvement makes the team at Centureon uniquely qualified to provide in-house servicing and education, as well as recommendations, for services unique to professionals involved in the trade themselves. From assisting investor partners with setting up an LLC, to hiring an effective CPA for tax purposes, the team has completed each task related to the investment process multiple times and is able to make the overall experience better and easier for every investor that comes through their doors. Unlike other companies, Centureon and CEO Sean Tissue encourage the continued education and empowerment of their investor partners, recognizing the strength this comprehensive approach adds to the professional relationship between Centureon and its partners.

With steady, continued growth, Centureon has plans to continue to expand. Leveraging previously-perfected skills within the Detroit market, Centureon will focus on up-and-coming markets while implementing similar strategies to determine the most viable national markets. With their regional office yielding immensely positive results, the company’s foray into the national market has been an initial success, further propelling Tissue to look toward the future on a national scale.

Continuously expanding the company’s portfolio of investments and investors has been integral to creating lateral growth, and within the next decade or two, Centureon Investments hopes to acquire enough properties to focus more intently on the managerial side of these relationships. At the heart of the company, however, is real estate investment, which will remain a long-term focus for Centureon.

The future of Centureon remains double-sided and extremely bright. With the company’s own investment portfolio acting as an independent source of capital, and the company’s extensive management side allowing them to take on new investor partners within various local markets while building long-term, fruitful professional relationships, Centureon Investments has positioned itself up to reach the lofty goals it has set for the future, all thanks to their intrepid CEO, Sean Tissue.

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