woman fell off the stairs

Most common places for slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are something most people hear about on the news, but they never consider that it might happen to them. Even if it does, most are unaware of the serious and life-altering injuries that can result from toppling to the ground. If you’re looking for lawyers for that, the oilfield accident attorney in San Antonio are the ones to opt.

The National Floor Safety Institute estimates that slip and fall accidents send more than one million individuals to the emergency room each year. Some are from winter condition, while others are failure to clean up hazardous spills. These six places, however, are where you’re most likely to fall. 

1. Sidewalks

This is an obvious yet often overlooked one. In the warmer months, cracks and gaps in a sidewalk’s cement are more than enough to make someone bite the pavement. In the winter, and sometimes in the rain, they can become slippery enough to the point of downright dangerous. 

2. Parking Lots

Much like sidewalks, poorly maintained parking lots need parking lot paving because they contain holes and cracks that a pedestrian might not notice while walking. The indoor variety can triple your chances of falling if the lighting is poor. Remember to watch your step if you want to avoid a trip to the ER. 

3. Stairs

“If you’ve ever watched slapstick comedy, then you know stairs a major culprit for falls,” says a Denver domestic violence defense attorney. Worn, rounded edges can cause slips, while loose handrails can spell disaster. Frayed carpeting, poor lighting, and the wrong combination of footwear have also sent plenty of people to the hospital. 

4. Escalators and Elevators

These two go hand in hand in terms of maintenance. Fail to keep up on either, and they become a fall waiting to happen. Even worse, unmaintained parts could cause an elevator to go pummeling down its shaft. Escalators, on the other hand, are notorious for nabbing shoelaces and tripping mall shoppers. 

5. Shops

Name any store you can think of from restaurants to coffee shops, and you can guarantee there’s a likelihood of a spill at some point. When accidents aren’t immediately cleaned up, people can easily slip and fall. Thew same is true during winter months if snow and ice are tracked inside. 

6. Job Sites

Finally, there’s workplace accidents. Debris, wet floors, and more can all cause employees to suffer an accident. Those who work on scaffolding and with ladders are also at a high risk if the worksite isn’t properly maintained. If you get involved in construction injuries related to cold weather, you have options to recover for the incident, whether it be a slip and fall or any kind of accident on a construction site.

What to do After a Fall

While these places are common culprits of slip and fall accidents, it can happen anywhere. If you’ve suffered injuries from a fall, it’s vital to hire a personal injury lawyer and talk with a lawyer about seeking compensation for construction accidents. The legal professionals at Easton & Easton are skilled in personal injury litigation from falls to car accidents. Don’t let someone get away with negligence while you suffer. Get the compensation you deserve.