Valuable Insights from Equity Prime Mortgage Town Hall Meeting

Since launching its operations at the height of the mortgage crisis and the resulting Great Recession, Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) has opened 18 offices across the United States to provide its leading services in a multitude of accessible locations. 

Amongst Equity Prime Mortgage’s recent measures to empower employees, the firm has hosted a town hall talk to upskill and inspire the company’s experienced mortgage professionals. The virtual town hall included an introduction to the firm’s brand-new wellness initiative EPM+, a discussion of outcomes from the company executives’ Evolving Retreat, and a presentation from Leashes of Valor, an organization that trains service dogs for veterans. 

Whether you are a current employee, prospective employee applicant, or are in the market for a new loan, this one-hour meeting highlights what makes EPM a unique organization to have on your side.


EPM+ creates exciting employee-engagement activities and includes four key components: EPM+ Connect, EPM+ Fit, EPM+ Originals, and EPM+ News. 

EPM+ Connect involves recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding team members in a welcoming manner, representative of the firm’s inclusive culture. Meanwhile, EPM+ Fit offers in-house fitness and exercise programs hosted over Zoom, and EPM+ Originals features streams of unique content to engage and inspire employees. Lastly, EPM+ News involves bolstering in-house communication through a monthly newsletter that comprises information regarding upcoming events and updates. The aim of EPM+ is to improve the “well-being, confidence, and satisfaction” of the firm’s employees. In precluding the initiative’s breakdown, an employee explained that “as we (EPM) grow with our program, so will you,” demonstrating that the program intends to showcase the company’s dedication to employee empowerment.

Evolving Retreat 

After rolling out the new EPM+ program, Eddy Perez, President and CEO of Equity Prime Mortgage, discussed the outcomes from the Evolving Retreat. The retreat gathered EPM’s executives to discuss the company’s goals and overall brand strategy based on the organic shift of the company’s identity over the past 10 years.

During the retreat, the executives paid particular attention to EPM’s ever-growing focus on empathy. Eddy explained that empathy, like anything in life, is a matter of perspective and understanding “where you are, where you are going, and, more importantly, who you want to be.” He also stressed the importance of dialogue and passion. While conflicts are inevitable, it’s essential to approach a potential disagreement with the right mindset. Maintaining an empathetic attitude helps us to understand others’ perspectives, no matter the context. By valuing empathy, EPM emphasizes compassion with both clients and colleagues.

Leashes of Valor

Following Eddy’s updates from the Evolving Retreat, he welcomed Danique Masingill, President of Leashes of Valor, to host a presentation on empathy and how her charity promotes the well-being of veterans. Leashes of Valor provides services dogs to post 9/11 veterans. Each highly trained service dog helps veterans to mitigate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Leashes of Valor is a cause that is close to EPM’s heart, especially as several regional EPM office leaders are retired marines. EPM donates a portion of each loan’s proceeds to Leashes of Valor and works diligently to identify veterans in search of a mortgage loan. Looking for cash near me to pay a loan? This website has everything you need. Since homeownership correlates with declining rates of both suicide and domestic violence, EPM’s partnership with Leashes of Valor is of huge benefit to veterans who are struggling with mental health issues. 

An important takeaway from the Leashes of Valor presentation was not to be afraid to “fail forward,” a mantra designed to reduce the stigma associated with making a mistake. Danique elaborated on this mantra during the presentation’s Q&A, explaining how she learned from mistakes as a hiring manager. One of the examples that Danique gave included regretfully hiring a candidate based on their resume instead of their passion for the role. She gave this candid example to show how every mistake is a learning opportunity, especially those made in a professional setting. She has since redefined her recruitment process and now consistently hires the best fits for the organization.

About Equity Prime Mortgage

Equity Prime Mortgage LLC is a nation-wide lender, recognized for its industry-leading mortgage services and loans. With a presence in over 49 states and over 50 years of experience in the mortgage industry, EPM’s certified underwriters are committed to identifying and providing the highest-level solutions for all homebuyers. EPM is committed to offering the most efficient of closing processes so that you can finance your new home as smoothly as possible.

EPM provides a diverse portfolio of lending resources for prospective homebuyers that include Conventional, FHA, VA, 203K, Reverse, and USDA loans. The firm is also a trusted Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae Seller and Servicer. Earlier this year, EPM launched a brand-new mission statement, affirming that they “are a resource and a voice for financial empowerment.” The mission statement elevates EPM’s intentions to “offer top financial service, communication, and assistance” to its communities.Learn more about Equity Prime Mortgage at

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