Electrical Design, What You Need to Know

Doesn’t matter if you are building a brand-new house or arranging remodeling of some rooms – in all cases you need to consider in advance how exactly you want the electricity passing throughout all the house. Electrical design is a hard part of planning and in most cases, you will need the assistance of a professional electrician who has completed an electrical training program to make all the details taken into consideration for the best possible result. At the same time, it’s also possible to arrange the project of the electrical design by your own but in this case, you need to check a lot of technical documentation before implementing the plan into life.

  Here you can find the most basic but essential information in regard to electrical design which can help you a lot to make proper investigations and to get a better understanding about what you will need to do.

Electrical plan

The first and the most important thing you need to think about before making any arrangements in the house is to decide the location of the main and additional lights, PA to help you with the installation. Do you want to have the opportunity to brightly lighten all the room or would you prefer to have a cozy and romantic atmosphere? These features fully depend on the purpose of the room. For example, in the bathroom, it’s always recommended to have more light near the mirror as usual, it’s a place the women use for doing make-up while men for shaving and other routine procedures. In the bedroom, and vice versa, you can adjust some extra lights and lamp holders to create comfortable lighting for the nighttime. 

If you’re also looking to save electricity and improve the functionality of your living room by providing better natural lighting. A window replacement services may be an excellent option, you can visit the link to check out different types of window services.

As soon as you get an idea of how you want the lights to be located, you also need to check the best locations of the switchers. They should be easily reachable but the same time they should not spoil the overall interior of the room. Nowadays you can find a great variety of different switchers – external and hidden, sensory, turning and more traditional ones, therefore you can even make them an additional part of the interior. Convenience is also a crucial factor and at this point, you can decide if you would like to have duplicate switchers to be able to control the lightening from different spots of the room (this is especially popular in bedrooms as that is how you will not need to make a walk from one wall to another before going to bed but switch all the light off with only one button next to you).  

Sockets are another point for consideration. Usually they are more practical and common in the kitchen as you are supposed to use various electrical appliances on a daily basis. At this point you should already have an idea of how the furniture and other design elements will be located at the final stage – otherwise, you have a risk of wires and extensions spoiling the view. Of course, many items you don’t use temporarily and, in this case, you can use the same socket for many devices in the kitchen. But if you are planning to have TV there, it will be extremely inconvenient to switch it off every time you need to use blender. 

All of this should be checked and considered in advance as it will be very difficult and, in some cases, even impossible to add an extra socket or switcher later, when the rebuilding process is already finished. Therefore, comfort of living in the house will fully depend on pre-arrangements and electrical plan. 

Most common questions about electrical design.

Every electrical project is unique and there is no point to read a lot of information about various plans of electricity if you will not use them in your case. That is why here we gathered the most common questions most of people need to ask themselves about if they plan to do all the job by themselves. 

  • If there are kids and pets in the house. Safety is the key for a comfortable life, and electricity is one of the most dangerous potential threat you may have. That is why you should think not only from the point of how it will look like but also how safe it will be. And even if at the moment you don’t have kids it’s always better to adjust the electrical plan to the possible future than to do a lot of additional job at the end.
    In regard to the pets, wires spreading around the floor can cause a great danger for curious cats and dogs. For both cases the location of the sockets preferably should be higher than in case it’s a house for the adults only.
  • The usage of the stationary phone. Nowadays we all are using cell phones but, in some cases, especially if we are talking about big families and elder people there is still the necessity of adding special phone socket into the electrical plan. You need to know that for this purpose you will need to do some extra job as the features of this type of the sockets is a little bit different. 
  • If there is a working area in the house. At this area you will definitely need some extra sockets as well as additional lightening. You need to consider the best location in the house for this purpose and to add according adjustments into the electrical plan. Typically, you will need at least several sockets at this area where you can add the network web filter to connect laptop, mobile phone, printer, scanner, desk light and other items. Here it’s important to mention that nowadays you can find even floor sockets which is much easier to hide.
  • The type and quantity of the equipment you are planning to use. This is mostly concerning the kitchen. Depending on how often you are using it and what you usually are doing there you may need to add some extra sockets and switchers. But from this point it’s always better to be prepared for the uncertainty and place some additional sockets in the hidden areas so later on you will not need to do the complete re-arrangement in the future.
  • If you or other members of your family needs additional light in the bedroom. Today you will be surprised with the variety of choices modern producers are offering in regard to the bedroom lightening. Still many people prefer to read before sleeping, and a proper light near the bed is the most essential item. You can choose within different shapes, colors as well as the brightness of the light itself depending on your preferences. It’s also can be useful to pay attention to the options with regulated light where you can slightly move the brightness up and down depending on the part of the day.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi. Most probably the answer will be “yes” which lead to the necessity of choosing the best location for the router to cover as much area as possible. Also, it’s better if it will be located near the working zone or the most commonly used rooms so you will always have the best signal there.
  • Safety reasons. Above we were covering the necessity of additional measures for kids and pets, but even without them some areas require extra attention when we are talking about electricity. Kitchen and bathroom are the best examples of such areas as here we can find higher temperatures and moisture. Fir these rooms it’s always recommended to use the hidden electricity without using the extensions and branches. Also, for emergency purpose many people prefer to have the stationary phone in the bathroom which will also require some extra effort for its arrangement.
    Also, some houses, especially if we are talking about recently built properties, might have specific requirements and restrictions in regard to the location of the electrical spots – this information always better to check in advance. Otherwise all your efforts, time and pretty essential budget for making your house look nice and stylish will be spoiled by the necessity to remove the socket from the visible part of the wall.

The location of the sockets for some particular devices and equipment can also vary depending on the features. Thus, if we are talking about washing machine, for example, it’s up to you to decide if to hide the socket behind it or to make the access a little bit easier and locate it on the side. Boiler, on the other hand, requires the socket to be located on the side. Other items have to be grounded which also should be considered in the electrical design. All these details should be reflected in the electrical project which will help to avoid any mistake or to forget about special equipment required.

Modern specialized companies prepare the electrical design of the houses and rooms not only by traditional way but using special applications and online programs. It helps to create a volume structure where you can easily see all the details and have the better understanding of how the project will look like at the end. If you are planning to arrange the electricity in your house by yourself you still can use typical drafts and schemes – anyway it will help you to make all the necessary pre-arrangements and procedures. 

One more important aspect is always to consider the present time and future all together. If you are planning to add extra room or even extra floor in your house next years, stairs and railings can make it impossible to have an access to some areas of the house, and if there is an important socket it can create an additional problem for the upcoming project. In addition, homeowners should hire a good electrician who understands electrical concepts and can provide professional underground electric trenching services.

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