Everything You Need to Know About Rome and Kendal Beds

Rome bed

A vital component of human existence is the bed as a piece of furniture. It offers a spot to unwind and rest, which is essential for both bodily and mental health. Over the years, mattresses have been created in a variety of designs, from different materials, and with distinctive decorative accents. The Rome Bed, a representation of the artistic and building legacy of old Rome, is one of history’s most extraordinary beds.


Up until the fall of Rome in 476 AD, the Rome Bed, which was developed during the Roman Republic era (509–27 BC), was extensively used across the Roman Empire. The bed served as both an item of furniture and a prestige symbol, signifying both riches and social standing.

The elite, the affluent, and the governing class were only permitted to sleep in the Rome Bed. No two beds were identical because the design and decoration were a reflection of the owner’s standing and preferences.

Construction material

Although some Rome beds were made of bronze, ivory, or other priceless materials, wood was usually used to make them. Typically, the bed’s frame was embellished with intricate designs and embedded with priceless stones, metals, or other adornments.

In order to represent strength and power, the bed’s legs were frequently sculpted into the forms of creatures like lions or eagles. Additionally ornately adorned were the headboard and footboard, which featured relief carvings of images from mythology, history, or everyday life.

What it represented

The Rome Bed represented more than just wealth and prestige; it also embodied the ideals and principles of Roman culture. The Roman art and building of the period, which placed an emphasis on symmetry, balance, and harmony, had an impact on the bed’s form and ornamentation. Romans valued beauty, grace, and sophistication, which was also mirrored in the bed’s use of priceless materials and elaborate decoration.

The Best in Comfort and Style: Kendal Beds

For their outstanding quality, convenience, and design, Kendal Beds are well-known. Kendal Beds was established in the UK and has been offering high-end beds and pillows to clients for more than 20 years. They take great pleasure in their dedication to quality, using the best resources and production methods to make mattresses that are both cosy and long-lasting.

Style options

Traditional divan beds, padded beds, and stowage beds are just a few of the many different bed designs that Kendal Beds provides. Additionally, they provide a selection of beds, such as polyurethane, memory foam, and pocket-sprung mattresses. Their entire product line is made to offer the utmost ease and support, ensuring that customers have restful nights of slumber every single night.

Customized options

Customization choices are one of Kendal Beds’ distinctive qualities. Customers can construct a bed that exactly fits their style and décor by choosing from a variety of different textiles, colours, and textures that they offer. Additionally, customers have a number of various bed design options, such as buttoned, basic, and tufted styles.

Environment-friendly option

Kendal Beds is dedicated to environmentally friendly production methods. To lessen their effect on the earth, they use environmentally favourable production techniques and materials from sustainable sources. Additionally, they provide a disposal service where they will gather and properly get rid of old beds.

Client support

Kendal Beds is dedicated to being environmentally responsible as well as to offering top-notch client support. All of their products come with a 5-year warranty, and they have a helpful and knowledgeable customer support staff that is always on hand to address any queries or issues.

Kendal Beds provides a selection of luxurious, adaptable beds and mattresses that are made to offer the utmost luxury and support. Unlike other bed makers, they are dedicated to sustainability and ethical production methods, and their top-notch customer service guarantees that customers will be happy with their purchases.

Kendal Beds is a great option if you want a bed that is both elegant and comfy and will last for years. Rome bed is also a great option for you if you are a fan of history or want an artistic vibe for your bedroom. This perfect blend of history and present will give the perfect look to your bedroom that you may want. 

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