How to Find a Home Improvement Contractor

How you locate a home improvement contractor will most likely prove to be the deciding factor as to how satisfied you are with the final result.

In a recent study by a correlation was found between how a homeowner found a home improvement contractor versus how satisfied they were with the final results. This special research project titled “In the Beginning” focused on understanding how homeowners here approach the critical starting period in their home improvement projects.

The report showed that of the 1,015 homeowners in the study 66% had used a contractor for a home improvement project in the past. The overall satisfaction level was surprisingly high with a full 76% of the respondents saying that they were extremely or very satisfied with the project. (The average rating was 5.9 on a 7 point scale)

Five percent were very or extremely dissatisfied. So the question becomes “how do you improve the odds of being one of the highly satisfied customers?” The way in which the contractor was located had a marked impact on the overall satisfaction of the homeowner according to the survey – visit website homepage for further information.

Not surprisingly, those who had previous personal experience with the contractor had the highest overall satisfaction rating at 6.42 on a scale from 1 to 7. The second highest satisfaction rating came from those who were referred by a family member or friends at 5.96. The next were those that were recommended by another contractor at 5.89 out of 7.

The remaining ways of locating a contractor included: Having the contractor supplied by a home improvement store (5.42 Satisfaction Rating) , finding them in a telephone directory or via advertising (5.65 Satisfaction Rating) and Yellow Page Ads (5.27 Satisfaction Rating)

“Nothing beats personal knowledge or independent referrals to get the best results for home improvement projects,” said Fred Miller, who is the President of Consumer Specialists. “Surprisingly, those that used a home improvement store provided contractor did about the same as those that used advertising as the way they found their contractor.”

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