18 Household Energy Saving Guidelines

Kozzi-go-green-save-energy-concept-360 X 360Saving energy at home can by easy and economical. Follow these 18 tips to give you motivation to save energy in your house. Your household will be doing its bit for the environment by following these tips and your carbon footprint will decrease dramatically.

Tip 1: Old Boiler

If your boiler has clocked up more than 15 years’ service, then it’s time for it to go into retirement. More energy will be used by an old boiler. You may get a boiler rental while you’re waiting for your new, more energy-efficient boiler to arrive and get installed.

Tip 2: Keep Doors Shut

Your household can stay warm by shutting the doors. Your home can get cold quickly if you have any cracks or holes in your doors. So you should make sure to seal all drafts.

Tip 3: Monitor Your Energy Usage

Using an energy monitor, you can estimate how much your energy bill is likely to be. You will also be able to tell the amount of energy you’re actually using.

Tip 4: Buy Local                                                                                                        

A lot of carbon gets produced before food gets to your local store. Therefore, when you can you should buy from a local supplier.

Tip 5: Compost

Fertiliser can be produced from waste food for example potato skins. Just get yourself a composter and you can grow your garden.

Tip 6: Insulate Your Home

Your heating bill will be high if your home doesn’t have good insulation, especially in your roof. You will repeatedly be heating your home if you don’t have good insulation so consider calling in roofing contractors for a quick inspection to see if you need extra insulation.

Tip 7: Water Tank Jackets

You can keep your water warmer for longer by have an insulation jacket for your water tank. This can you reduce your spend on water by almost 75%.

Tip 8: Boiling Water

Does the kettle need to be filled to the top for just one cup of tea? A partially filled kittle will use less energy than a full one.

Tip 9: Lighting

You will use more energy if you are using standard light bulbs. You can reduce the amount of energy you use by using light bulbs that are energy efficient.

Tip 10: Cooker

You can halve your cooking times by using a halogen oven. They cook food much quicker than standard ovens.

Tip 11: Piping

Your carbon footprint can be reduced by secure your piping. It will also help to keep the water warmer for longer.

Tip 12: Clean Your Appliances

Dust will begin to clog up your appliances if you don’t clean them regularly. One they become clogged up they will start using more energy to function correctly.

Tip 13: Solar Panels

The company that supplies your energy may give you money if you create more energy than you use. You will need to have solar panels installed first.

Tip 14: Don’t Have A Bath

A typical shower will use about 35 litres of water, whereas a bath will use about 100 litres. Stop having baths and take showers if you want your water and energy bill to be reduced.

Tip 15: Stop Drafts

Drafts are the cause for about half of heat being lost in homes. You can test your home for drafts by putting your hand next to windows and doors and feeling for a breeze. Warm air is leaving if you can feel cold air coming in. This is one easy fix that can save you hundreds of pounds on your annual heating bill.

Tip 16: Turn Off Applications and Lights

Any appliances you do not use regularly should be switched off and plugged out of the socket. You should also turn off the lights once you leave a room. It is also important that your fridge or freezer doors are not open for long periods of time.

Tip 17: Search for Grants Obtainable To Help Make Your Household More Energy Proficient

To make homes more energy efficient, grants are now available for households. This is a great way to implement expensive changes.

Tip 18: Central heating Oil

Heating oil that is slow burning has recently been formulated. The amount of kerosene you use will be reduced. A smaller amount of carbon will be produced as a result.

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