10 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Financial experts in the national press suggest that you will move your home between six and seven times during your lifetime. Although moving into your new home is a wonderful and emotional experience, packing up and leaving your own home is a nightmare, which is why it is often described as being as stressful as getting married or beginning a new job. How can you make it easier on yourself? Well, I’m glad you ask. The answer is, make sure you hire the best moving company in your area. 

1) Plan everything with a checklist – Plan ahead and prepare for every step of the moving process. Take note of when to call your telephone company and arrange the disconnection of your current service and to establish the connection in your new place. There is too much to do when you move your home, so creating a list helps you forget less. If you’re not hiring professionals to move your home for you, rent a suitable truck, preferably one with a mechanical tail lift to raise heavy items from the floor to the truck.

2) Begin to de-clutter – The de-cluttering process is an important step and one that you should get an early start on. Take the items you no longer want and consider selling them on eBay or Amazon or even at local flea markets. By clearing out all of those items you thought you might need one day but never used, you might raise enough funds to pay for your move.

3)Move your stuff elsewhere – If you still have too much stuff, consider keeping some of it in storage. Self storage comes in a variety of options, from small closets to full 300-plus square foot rooms. Find a storage facility like Westy Self Storage that fits your needs and make the process go smoothly.

4) Count the boxes you will need – Collect empty wine boxes from your local stores. They’re the perfect weight and size for most people to pick up and move easily. Where you believe you need 50 boxes, search for 100; you’ll always need more than you think.

5) Decide what is important – Some tasks are more important than others. Use your checklist to prioritize each of the them.

6) Bubble wrap can save your life – After collecting boxes and plenty of heavy-duty tape, bubble wrap which will protect your prized possessions during the move. Don’t forget that some items will be more fragile than others, a piano for example will require a lot more attention. If you own a piano and are wondering what the best moving option is, we suggest to contact the piano movers.

7) Label everything – Label each box with the room it should be moved into when you arrive. Make separate lists of every box and photocopy the list for everyone assisting. Creating a secondary list of contents for each box will also be extremely helpful during the unpacking process.

8)Smaller weights are better – When you’re moving the process is a marathon and not a sprint. Because you’ll spend most of the day walking and picking up boxes, make sure that the contents inside the boxes are not over heavy (unless you are an Olympic marathon champion).

9)Organize each room in advance – Label each of the rooms in your new property and explain to your helpers what each room is called so the boxes land where you want them to.

10)Have the children stay elsewhere – Take your children and your pets to a trusted friend or relative for the day. This will allow you to focus on your work and your targets.

Moving isn’t easy, and the more you can arrange in advance, the easier the task will become.

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