Celebrity Cribs: Five Mind-blowing Mansions of the Rich & Famous

Celebrity Cribs Five Mind-blowing Mansions of the Rich & FamousRich and famous people are known for their amazing mansions and homes that rival anything the average person has ever seen. From Jay-Z to Taylor Swift, celebrity cribs are becoming more elaborate, high tech and extravagant. Leverage Global Partners sells some of these luxury properties to those who can afford the investment. Here are five mind-blowing mansions of the rich and famous who live all over the country.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the richest women in the world. Her mansion is valued at 50 million, but that was all the way back in 2001. Her property could be worth more or less currently.

Bill Gates

Not only does Bill Gates contribute to the underprivileged and make big donations with his billions, he also owns a massive mansion that will make your jaw drop. His waterfront property is called Xanadu, and it is currently the largest property in the United States. This massive home was worth over 50 million in the late ’90s, and it is probably worth considerably more today.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen has won hearts by being openly gay and having a wonderful personality. Her beautiful mansion is tastefully decorated in a shabby-chic style that is unparalleled to anything else you have seen. Her sophisticated home is a combination of modern elements and mid-century pieces that create a homey vibe you can’t resist.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy is a traveler and a lover of all things chic and beautiful. Her home is an example of her taste in beauty and interior design. Her California-chic design elements make her mansion well worth peering into, even if you could only dream of living here. Her house where she chooses to exercise is overlooking a beautiful and pristine beach in Malibu, California. Only Cindy could be so lucky.

Ben Stiller

If you think men don’t have good taste, think again. Ben Stiller’s pad is decorated with a cool and sleek vibe that resonates a certain warmth despite the dark-color scheme. The architectural genius behind his home is truly breathtaking, and the library is something to behold as well. Ben Stiller’s mansion is definitely an expensive crib, but it makes you feel at home and comfortable just looking at it.

The rich and famous may live luxurious lifestyles, but their homes are also a surprising reflection of themselves and their interests. When you peer into their homes, you get a glimpse at who the celebrities really are and what they expect from the world around them. You walk away feeling just a little bit inspired that you could have the same things.

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