Top Tips For A Fitted Wardrobe In The Bedroom

If you are renovating your bedroom or looking for new storage and wardrobe solutions then you should consider getting a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes are a really clever way to store your clothes and shoes and can create a lot of space in the bedroom.

They are also great because of the individuality they will bring to your room. Here are some top tips to help you get a nice fitted wardrobe.

Wardrobe InventoryFind The Right Spot

The first thing you need to do is look around the bedroom and see what is the best spot for the fitted wardrobe. There are usually a lot of possible options and it is a good idea to draw a floor plan of your room on a piece of paper and start jotting down different options.

If you have any edged corners or deeper parts of the room they naturally look good as a spot for a fitted wardrobe. You can even have a fitted wardrobe that runs against two different walls so carefully consider the different options.

Think About Your Needs

The good thing about getting a fitted wardrobe is that you can carefully consider your individual needs. Again, it is a good idea tothink of it on paper and write down the amount of stuff you’d like to fit in.

You can also think if you want a specific shoe rack inside the wardrobe or if you have a lot of clothes that require hanger space. You can go through these with a builder if you want or even a designer but it always good to have some sort of idea about your needs first before doing this.

Choose The Colour Wisely

A fitted wardrobe is of course a permanent solution in the bedroom. Naturally, you can go and tear it down but replacing it might take some time and money. Thus you want to make sure you carefully consider all the colour options.

Houzz has a lot of inspiring ideas and you can browse through them to get some inspiration for yours. The main thing is to consider the overall flow of the colours in the bedroom. If your room is very small then light colours are always better than dark colours because of the spaciousness they add to the space.

Best option is to also go for something rather neutral that allows you to change the colour code around the room more freely. A wooden finish or a metallic finish are also great options and can work very well with a lot of different decoration styles.

Always Opt For Sliding Doors

When you are getting a fitted wardrobe you are most likely going to opt for sliding doors as these are the easiest to install with it. This is also a good option because sliding doors are a great way to save space in the bedroom.

They can also help you create a really funky look to the bedroom because of the different design options available. Look at Superglide Wardrobes to find out more about sliding doors and fitted wardrobes.

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