Top Décor Colours For Bedrooms

When decorating or renovating your bedroom it is important to pay attention to choosing the right colours for the bedroom. It is important the colours in the bedroom help you feel relaxed and calm and guarantee you have a good night sleep.

You of course want to ensure your bedroom also has enough personality and colour to keep it from looking too bland and boring.

Here are top décor colours for bedrooms and the best way to use colour in your bedroom.

Subtle Colours For Large Surfaces

Colour in the bedroom can have a real impact on your quality of sleep and thus it is essential to ensure the large surfaces in the bedroom use colours, which help you to rest and relax. The following colours are the best colours to paint your bedroom.


Green is one of the best colours in the bedroom. You can use it in many different shades and it will guarantee you feel relaxed and calm in the bedroom. The smaller your bedroom is the lighter shade of green you should use to ensure the space looks as big as possible.


Blue is another serene colour to ensure a relaxing good night sleep. Houzz article reports it has been found to be the colour in which most people sleep the best. Be careful when you are picking out blue to ensure you don’t end up creating a too cold look to the room.


You can also opt for white as long as you don’t go for pure white but rather choose shades like pearl and ivory. Using white is a great way to ensure you can change other colours in your décor. It is therefore very versatile as a wall paint.

Add Brightness In Décor

With the larger surfaces painted with the above calm and subtle colours you can add a bit of brightness and warmth to the room by adding colour in the accessories or furniture.

For instance, orange is a good choice to add some warmth to green and create a lovely and earthy look to the bedroom. Get for instance your pillows and bed sheets in orange to guarantee you wake up full of energy.

If you want you can just use one colour in the bedroom, for instance blue, but if you do this you need to ensure you are adding different shades to make sure the room doesn’t look too sterile.

Another good option is to go for wooden furniture in the room, instead of opting for painted surfaces. Natural material in wardrobe doors and chairs can give softness to the blue colour for example. Look at wardrobes with sliding doors at Superglide and add a nice and functional touch to your bedroom décor.

The above colour tips will help you use the right combinations and ensure the colour of the bedroom décor isn’t keeping you away from a relaxed sleep. By using colour carefully you can add personality to your bedroom without compromising the overall flow and warmth of the room. If you like big game hunting and taxidermy, you’ll want to check out some of great elk mount ideas here.

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