9 Kitchen Facts And Tricks That You Need To Know

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certainly true, everyone needs to have a little bit of organization and order to their kitchen in order for it to function in any meaningful manner. Maybe your kitchen is perfectly organized and tidy or maybe you are someone with a kitchen that is still a work in progress. Whatever you case may be there are some fascinating kitchen facts and information I would like to share with you.

1. How well do you know your cutler?

Take a look inside your cutlery drawer and you are likely to see the usual suspects; forks, knives and spoons. However the cutlery world does not end there. You can further enhance your set with a spork (a spoon fork cross) and a splade (a bladed spork)!

2. Let’s stop that spillage!

At one point or another we have all been guilty of letting our pasta boil over. It creates quite the mess that is not easy to clean up. This little problem can be avoided in the future simply by putting a utensil, like a fork or spoon, across the top of the pan.

3. Don’t shed tears for an onion.

Everyone at some point has shed a few tears as they chopped up an onion. However this is something that is quite easy to avoid. On trick is to cut the onion carefully under running cold water. Another solution is to put the onion in the freezer for a bit before you start cutting it. To clean the oils off your hand just give them a quick rinse in lemon juice.

4. You do not have to live with a stinky freezer.

If you freezer is guilty of smelling less than fresh then here is a very simple tip to freshen it up. Grab a clean sock and fill it full of ground coffee. Those nasty smells will be gone in no time!

5. How clean is your kitchen really?

What is more clean your kitchen sink or your toilet? If you said the toilet you would be, regrettably, wrong. The kitchen sink has roughly 100,000 times more germs and bacteria than your toilet. Consider this fact the next time you are munching on a snack next to your sink.

6. Now let’s consider the chopping board…

The chopping board is possibly the most contaminated object in your kitchen that you are actively using. In fact a toilet seat is far less germ ridden with about 200% fewer germs than you trusty chopping block. To keep things safe in your kitchen always keep the boards you cut raw meat on separate from the ones you chop your fruits, veggies, and other non-cooked foods on.

7. Are you a gadget collector?

Close to 9 out of 10 people are guilty of purchasing kitchen gadgets that they thought were must haves, but end up collecting dust. Things like avocado slicers, strawberry corers, and melon ballers. The next time you see a “must have” gadget consider the plight of the last one you purchased… Oh, is it still in the box?

8. Give your oven a helping hand.

You cannot cook or bake effectively if you cannot trust your oven temps. Get yourself an oven thermometer and you use it. This is possibly the single most useful gadget you could ever get. Once you have your temps under control you will be able to crank out culinary delights like a true master chef.

9. Who loves their wine?

What do you do with your left over wine or a bottle that you are just not keen on? Hopefully you do not throw it out because that wasted wine would make a great ingredient. Freeze the left over wine in an ice cube tray or turn it into wine vinegar.

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