10 Of The Most Funky Door Stops

A door stop is a handy addition to any home, as it allows you easy access between two rooms without the inconvenience of having to keep opening and closing doors. They’re also useful if you have kids at home, and may act as a guard against any injuries to fingers. The other great thing is that door stops needn’t be functional and plain; there are tons of super cool ones out there – and here are 10 of the best.

The door man

They say a gentleman should hold a door open for you, so if you value good manners then this door stop is the one for you. Shaped like a figure, the foot wedges under a door, to keep it open. Funky, stylish and humorous to boot, this door stop would make a great addition to any home.


The caravan

If you love the outdoors and camping is your scene, then you’ll probably go crazy for this red, caravan-inspired door stop. With intricate detail, including tiny roses on a windowsill, it’s cute, homely and would do justice to any door of any room.


The owl

Owls are very much en-vogue currently, and any fashionable home should include an owl or two accessory. With this in mind, why not get yourself the Orla Owl door stop? Its bright colours and chirpy design would make for a delightful addition to any room in the home, especially one for the children.


The sheep

Sticking with cute and fluffy, this sheep door stop has the melting-hearts factor, and will be well-loved in any home. With button eyes and a corduroy face, you’ll buy one, and probably end up opting for a whole flock!


The melted ice cream

A sense of humour is a must for any owner of the melted ice cream door stop, and it will certainly be a conversation starter! This vintage door stop works under any door and makes for a cool, tasty treat to any home.



The personalised door stop

You’re not likely to ever forget your name if you own a personalised door stop like this one. Great for kids who are learning letter and name recognition, it also makes a perfect gift for a family or friend.


The autumn leaf

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, or enjoy the great outdoors, then you’ll love this trendy autumn leaf door stop. Available in vibrant green or orange, it’s made from rubber and makes for a funky and quirky homes accessory.


The dove

A dove is regarded as representing peace, so a dove door stop is a welcome and warming addition for any room. This rubber stop is stylish, quirky and comes in white or green.


The foot

If you want to get a foot in the door, then get yourself a foot in the door door stop – literally. This door stop, available in black and blue, is shaped like a high-heeled shoe, and wedges perfectly under any door. Just don’t step on any toes!

The key

Quirky and stylish, the key door stop is a fun way to help prop up any door of the home. Available in a range of colours, they make the ideal gift or a must-have purchase to add a funky style to your home.

This article has been written by Philippa. Philippas love for interior design enables her to write awesome articles on the topic of interior and exterior design and decorating. She loves weird and funky appliances/objects and sources article ideas from the UK Oak Doors site.

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