There’s A Rat In The House – How To Prevent Rat Infestation

Sometimes, even very clean homes have rats. You may not see them, but it does not mean that they are not there. Rats are nocturnal creatures, so, of course, you will not see them during the day. It is at night, when the whole household is asleep, that rats are more active and in search for food. If you happen to see a rat during the day, then it means that there is probably more lurking in your home. A rat scampering about in broad daylight usually signifies an infestation for which you may need to hire a rat control expert like the ones at Pest Control Kings.

Rat infestation, although difficult to control especially if you are living in the city, can be done. Below are some tips from London pest control company for preventing rat infestation.

Check Your Crawlspace and Attic

Rats love to live in places that people seldom enter. For example, you have the attic, which, more often than not, serve as a sort of storage area for extra and usually unwanted stuff. You also have the crawlspaces, which is probably the most neglected part of the house. After all, who would want to crawl under there, right?

What you do not realize is that the more you neglect the room, the more rats will breed there. You are giving them not only a safe haven away from people, but you are also giving them the perfect breeding area. If you want to prevent rat infestation, then see to it that your attic and crawlspaces are clean. Give it a good cleaning once in a while, and make sure that these places receive proper ventilation so as to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Some of the telltale signs that there are rats under the crawlspaces are rat droppings, of course; strong musky scent; ammonia smell from rat urine; chewed electrical wirings; chewed insulation; nests made of paper, twigs, leaves, plastic, etc.; and rat carcasses.

Check the Perimeter of Your Home

Rats easily gain access into your home through holes in the wall, rips in the screen, holes in the roof, open windows, open drainage, branches touching the roof or an open window, among others. When you check the perimeter of your home, make sure that there are no openings that rats can easily pass through. See to it, too, that there are no branches touching any part of the house, be it the roof or the window since rats can easily crawl along the branch and into your home.

If you see an opening, then have it boarded up immediately. Repair roof damages, fix the holes in screen, board up the holes in the walls, and make sure that no tree branches are touching any part of the house. If you suspect rats are living in the roof, then place traps.

Getting Rid of Rats

Do not use rat poison on these rodents. Rats, when dying, tend to look for a safe place where they could rest. More often than not, these are places that cannot be reached by our typical cleaning materials such as between walls, under the floor, under heavy furniture, etc. If you’re living in Australia, you should consider getting professional help from a specialist at pest control Sydney.

If you want to get rid of rats the safe way, you should consider hiring pest control or wildlife removal services. Pest Masters professional pest control Frankston teams have years of experience dealing with all kinds of pests.

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Jennifer Dallman writes for pest control companies. She specializes in articles that talk about safe and effective ways of getting rid of pests. If you have a rat infestation at home, give your company such as Preventive Pest Control a call.

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