Five Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

Five inexpensive ways to give your home a faceliftCurb appeal, kitchens, bathrooms, and outside rooms all have one thing in common. They are upgraded more often than any other space around the home. Buyers look for homes that require little to no work, whereas sellers want to increase the value of their home. These areas are normally the deal breakers during a sale for both parties. To give your home a well-deserved facelift, consider these 5 inexpensive tips.

    1. 1. Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Add curb appeal to your home by adding life to your sidewalk or entrance. First, purchase some mulch, decorative pots, and plants. Next, remove any weeds or unwanted landscaping. Then, lay down mulch on a black trash bag or liner that will cover the ground around your plants or pots. Lastly, clean the area, water the plants, and enjoy your home’s new look. Another way to add curb appeal is by replacing old shutters with custom shutters, or finding a unique door ornament. You may also hire a roofing contractor to conduct roof repair and improve the overall appearance of your roofing system. Ask around for recommendations if this is the first time you’ll hire a roofing contractor.

    1. 2. Kitchen and Flooring

When upgrading your kitchen, consider matching the color of your cabinets with your appliances. Decorate cabinet tops with artificial vines and stringed, white lights to add a bit of class. Be sure not to over-clutter counters, leaving enough room for food preparation. The second thing people notice in kitchens is the floor. Tile will add value to your home, but if you are on a budget, try installing linoleum that looks like tile but is much cheaper.

    1. 3. Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be peaceful and tranquil. To accomplish this, consider these simple ideas that can upgrade your bathroom without downgrading your banking account. Scrub all sinks and toilets, removing any dark deposits. Dirty porcelain can make a home look older than it is. Also, install mirrors on walls above sinks and on the door, and decorate medicine cabinets and old showers and tubs. Lastly, put up shelving or wall hangers for candles to give your bathroom special lighting with a scent of fragrance.

    1. 4. Inside Blinds and Outside Shutters

If you have an indoor room that you want to keep private from outsiders while letting just the right amount of light in, try installing wood blinds behind your curtains. They also look better than using cheap, plastic ones. As for the outside walls of your home, try repairing and repainting those old shutters that have faded over time or simply go out and purchase some new custom shutters.

    1. Outside Spaces

If you have an outside room or space, such as a deck or patio, enhance your space while keeping it simple. Consider purchasing some patio furniture or planters. The best time to buy new items is at the end of summer when they all go on clearance. As for lighting out back, try using bamboo or wooden torches that not only help add lighting and an island feel, but also rid you of those pesky mosquitoes.

Giving your home a facelift doesn’t have to be a hassle or expensive. Follow these simple tips and ask a professional for ideas to help get you on your way to making your home feel new again.

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