Four Simple Ways That Will Transform the Energy of Any Room

Every room in a home has a certain energy that affects anyone in the space. This energy is affected by personal perceptions and the arrangement of the elements in the room. Certain rooms are very relaxing while others have a formal atmosphere. Homeowners sometimes look for ways to change the overall feeling of a space. There are four simple ways to transform the energy of any room.

Add Color

One of the simplest ways to transform the energy in a room is to add new colors. This might mean using colorful throw blankets, furniture covers or even using earth tones by installing wood blinds. It could also mean painting just one wall. Bright colors will revitalize a room during the winter. Natural colors will accent the room during the summer when plants are in bloom outside. Adding accents with complementary colors can change the entire feeling of a room.

Rearrange Furniture

Furniture placement defines how people interact within the room. It can also create a particular flow that affects the energy in the space. Rearranging the furniture will transform a room completely. Turning all couches and chairs towards an entryway will make the space more inviting. Creating small groups of furniture will make the room more intimate. Aligning furniture along walls creates an open and sometimes formal space.

Add Custom Window Dressings

Window dressings add to the overall decor of the room. They also help to define the energy in the space by controlling light and outside views. Custom shutters can be used to filter the light coming into a room for a quieter feeling. They can also be opened to allow full light to stream in for an energetic sensation during the day. Shutters make it possible to block distractions from the outside so guests in the room can better focus on each other. Large shutters can even add unexpected texture to one side of the room.

Change or Add Wall Hangings

The walls in a room affect the movement of light from windows and lamps. Bare walls will create large amounts of ambient light and very bright spaces. It is possible to transform the energy of a room by adding wall hangings. Paintings, antiques or other items that can be hung on the walls will change how light bounces through the room. This can soften features and create a more relaxing environment.

Transforming the energy in a room involves taking the time to understand what elements are out-of-place or causing a disruption. Certain items might stand out as being a distraction. Changing the energy in a room can sometimes be as easy as removing accents or furniture pieces that do not belong.

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