Winter Is Upon Us: 5 Home Owner Tips For This Cold Season

Winter is coming, and with it, the high energy costs of heating your home. But according to a residential and commercial heating contractor, there are ways to save money and cut down on the amount you have to spend to keep your home warm during the cold months.

1. Clean your Chimneys

A caveat should be: hire a chimney sweep early. During the fall months, they’re in high demand and are rarely available, with higher costs. But during spring and summer, work is slow, so their cost is lower and gives you a larger time span to work with. Cleaning the chimney reduces the risk of fire from debris wedged into cracks, in addition to the possibility of items falling in from outside. So, be sure to hire residential chimney cleaning services!

2. Insulate your Home

This has long lasting effects for more than just winter; it reduces cooling costs in summer and spring, too. Insulate all areas of your home, even the windows and door frames, to prevent any heat from escaping. This cuts down on energy costs because not only do you need less energy to get your home to a comfortable temperature, but it stays at that temperature for long. With proper insulation, exterior winds won’t have as large an effect on your home.

3. Change the Fan Direction

Most people don’t use their fans in winter, and those that do forget about the little switch on the side that reverses its direction. Heat rises, so by having a fan blow in reverse, the hot air is moved to the area you inhabit, instead of the ceiling. In addition, the brings cool air to the upper areas of your home so it can escape more easily.

4. Check your Furnace

You want to ensure that all heating devices in your home are working properly such as furnaces. Columbus experts say to turn it on before the cold gets too intense so you can air out that burnt dust smell that happens after not using the furnace for a while. This can also alert you on any issues that may require professional heating repair services. If you want to get the temperature you want to achieve, be sure to have your heating calibrations checked by your preferred technician.

5. Check your Fire Alarms

With the amount of heat people use during the winters, both through furnaces and fireplaces, the risk of fire goes up. To minimize that risk, homeowners should make sure their fire alarms are in working order and that the batteries are fresh and up to date.

Winter comes each year, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Stay warm and cozy inside with these tips to winterize your home.

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