5 Fall Pest Threats: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Home

As the fall weather approaches, it is common for people to begin to prepare their homes for the oncoming winter weather. Chimneys are cleaned and prepared, storm windows are installed, and emergency heat supplies like propane and generators are tuned up and filled. But often overlooked in this flurry of preparation is taking the necessary steps to protect against the pests that are also preparing for the winter, the ones that are doing so by invading your home, to get rid of them, check out our pest inspection in South Carolina – Team Veterans Pest Control.

Flying Pests

The first invaders to watch for are flying pests, which can come in various forms. An increase in flies, such as the common house fly, fruit flies, or cluster flies may begin to show up. In search of heat for the winter, they can find their way into homes through open or broken screens or through unsealed cracks and cervices. And while flies are no fun, and certainly pose some health hazards, and you need to call Pest Control Portland to get them under control, they are not the only flying insects to worry about. Yellow jackets and wasps can also, perhaps surprisingly, become an issue at this time of year. Also in search of heat and food for their nests, they can become aggressive in nature during the fall. Like flies, they can find small openings in which to get into the home.

Ants and Bugs

There are large numbers of smaller bugs trying to find an entrance into homes as the air turns chilly. Most people are used to the invasion of ladybugs, which is common in many areas. Other bugs, such as stink bugs, may also become an issue. Perhaps the most common, however, is that of ants. These small insects can tunnel within the walls of the home to create a safe and warm nest for the winter which is when we recommend to hire https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/.

Not only does this pose a threat to the sanitation of the house, but it also upsets the actual structure of the home. As all of these pests can be quite small and evasive in getting into the home, special care to seal up any small cracks or openings will be needed. Contact the professionals at pestzone.ca immediately to have your pest problems solved using the best chemicals for handling pests.


While technically not a bug, spiders pose perhaps more of a danger than the other bugs on this list. Also in search of heat, and drawn to the increasing number of bugs in the home, spiders can settle in for the winter in many small nooks in your living space. With several of these spiders potentially dangerous, such as the brown recluse, guarding against them is a twofold attack. By keeping the other pests from this list out of the home, their food sources are diminished, and their numbers will be limited. Also, there are several pest sprays that can guard against spiders, as well as professional pest control help to eliminate any that are already present, be sure to get the best pest control company in your area.


Easily the most important pest to focus on is that of rats and mice. Living in the walls, basements, and attics of many homes, these rodents are a major source of possible health related issues. Generally in search of both heat and food, these rodents can destroy homes by eating away at the walls. Infestations of this kind should be a priority. There are various options available for rodent removal at local hardware stores, and there are always companies that specialize in mice extermination services.

As the necessary steps of preparing the home against winter’s cold chill are taken, be sure to also consider pest issues as well. The extra steps of closing small gaps, fixing screens, checking for any traces of these winter nightmares, calling your local pest control services will help keep your home, and family, safe and healthy for the winter.

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