Should I re-cover my old armchair or bite the bullet and buy a new one?

Is your armchair looking a little tired?  Perhaps a little worse for wear?  Are you unsure whether to re-cover it or simply buy a new one?

While shopping for new furniture is exciting, it can be expensive.  Sometimes, it’s much easier to re-cover and revive an old piece of furniture to save the money.  On the other hand, the money might be burning a hole in your pocket: you’re probably asking yourself, “Should I go for it, should I just buy a new armchair?”

If you find yourself pondering the questions above, our guide should help you today.  Let’s begin:

Question:  Should I re-cover my old armchair?

Is your armchair structurally sound?  Is it the right size for your room and above all, is it comfortable?  If you’ve answered yes to the previous three questions, voila, we have your answer: it is 100% worth reupholstering the armchair.   You can re-cover the chair with a fabric of your choice for a few pounds or dollars, saving valuable money to spend elsewhere in your home.

Added benefit:  You can choose the fabric yourself, ensuring your reupholstered armchair matches your room perfectly.

If you cannot re-cover the armchair yourself, why not take it to an expert?  Usually, the cost of hiring an expert is far more affordable than buying a new piece of furniture.

Question:  Should I BUY a NEW armchair?

Is the armchair in question very old?  Do you suspect the internal structure is damaged or broken?  Is it used frequently by your family?  If you’ve answered yes to those three questions, you might find it preferable to buy a new armchair.  Sadly, furniture today is not built to last and repetitive use over the next couple of years could break the chair anyway.  This is because cheaper pieces tend to be constructed from lightweight materials.  Putting the time and effort of reupholstering the chair will be highly disappointing should it collapse or break a year or two down the line.

If you suspect this to be the case, buying a new armchair might be preferable.

Tip:  If you do choose to buy a new armchair, spend time researching and testing before committing to purchase.  Question the longevity of the chair – will this last the test of time?  Will playful children break the solid structure?  Will the bouncing dog cause the armchair to break?  Is the chair equipped for daily use?  If you believe the chair is of sound quality it might be well worth forking out extra money for.

Whatever decision you come to:  enjoy!  Let us know what you chose by commenting below.  We’d also love to see links to your refurbishment jobs – so do post those also. 

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