How To Create The Perfect Dining Room

The perfect dining room is top of many people’s to-do lists but it’s not so easy to get right as you might think! The issues faced are multiple and if you’re fond of eating together as a family or of hosting dinner parties and lunches, then start here to learn some top tips for creating the perfect dining room in your home! You may want to start with the flooring. With epoxy floor coverings, your kitchen or dining room floor will get an instant makeover.

The table

Many people long for large, commodious dining tables which will create an atmosphere of luxury but the fact is that the best thing you can do to make your dining room look ultra inviting is to choose a table which fits well. If you fancy a long table then don’t make the mistake of choosing one which is too large for the room…all you will achieve is a room which looks overcrowded and uncomfortable. You need to be able to comfortably seat people so that when they enter the room and take their seats, they can move the chairs in and out with ease and can feel free to get up and leave the area when necessary without bumping into other people or furniture!

When furnishing homes and any areas measure the dimensions of the room and allow for at least two feet behind each chair; this is ample space for people to sit down and feel they can push their chairs back and away from the table if they need to…any less and your guests will feel hemmed in. If you are fond of the classic look then choose a solid wood table which can be polished; this looks beautiful and luxurious under candlelight.

The chairs

Dining chairs should be comfortable…sitting for any period of time in an uncomfortable chair can ruin the loveliest of meals and nobody wants to chat and socialise in a hard chair! If possible, select chairs with high backs and some upholstery…softly padded chairs are preferable for dining as they’re so much nicer to sit in!

The lighting

Whether you are a fan of candlelit dinners or not, you should always have the option to dim the lights in your dining room. Low lights create a relaxed atmosphere and add a touch of luxury to the most ordinary of meals. Look for over-table lights which can be drawn down or up, this will allow you to subtly change the atmosphere of the room with ease.


Your dining room should have a dresser or cabinet in which you can keep all of your silver, china and your special linens such as napkins and tablecloths. Not only is this far easier to manage in terms of setting up your room for a special meal but it also adds a lovely traditional touch to your room and glass fronted cabinets are a great way to display your best china and silver.

The little details

Music is an important part of successful entertaining so a good music system with high quality speakers is essential in any well designed dining room. Remember to consider guest’s comfort and ensure the room has good quality, thick curtains in place…not only do they look great but they also create a cosy atmosphere. Another important detail is having the best dinnerware sets and decoration touches on the table.

Your dining room should be used on a regular basis to avoid it becoming a “dead” space. Many people make the mistake of keeping their dining room for special occasions only when in fact, a room that is used daily will become a place of relaxation and pleasure and as long as you ensure that the table wear and furniture is well looked after it will be a great place to eat and enjoy the company of others. Add fresh flowers to the room regularly and keep it well aired to avoid the atmosphere becoming stale and you will find that the room will fast become a favourite place to relax!

Cormac Reynolds has written about interior design for a number of sites. He is a lover of great flooring and good design.

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