A Moving Checklist For Families

The stress of moving home is soon rewarded with the joy of settling into your new home, but the promising knowledge of relaxation in pastures new doesn’t mean that families don’t feel panicked and unorganised in the lead up to their move. With so much to do, and the continuation of daily life including work and picking children up from school, moving house can quickly become disorganised and problematic. For those busy families who are unable to spend long amounts of time focusing on their move, here is a quick checklist to ensure that you don’t forget the essentials.

1 Does the School know you’re Moving?

Obviously for long distance moves, parents will have informed the administration and already enrolled your children in their new school, but for moves where your children don’t change schools, parents can easily forget to let administration know, meaning that you could miss out on vital information, such as changes to term time, or special events. Inform schools of your new address as soon as your paperwork completes and make sure that you’ve provided a mobile number to allow teachers and receptionists to contact you if needed.

2 Is your post being forwarded?

With final bills impending arrival, and other important information possibly being posted to your old address as you move, make sure that your post gets forwarded to your new abode by informing the post office of your move. For a small fee, the Post Office will redirect your mail, helping you to avoid any penalty bills and reducing the risk of fraud.

3 Are you Packing Ready?

Are you ready to move? Have you started organising your packing? Before even starting to fill moving boxes, you and your family should spend time planning your packing regime to ensure that nothing gets misplaced, thrown away, or left behind. By listing contents of boxes, you are making it easier for yourself as when you come to the unpacking process, you can easily find the essential items that you need without having to rummage through seemingly endless boxes.

4 Have you Booked your Transport Help?

It is essential that families wanting an orderly move make sure that they use available resources to help with their desire for an easier move. The best way to have a successful move is to hire help with the moving of larger items, such as furniture removal and heavy boxes. By hiring a professional interstate moving company, like this one, you can ensure that your move is done properly and with minimum hassle. If you’d like to get more details, you can do some reading on house removals companies.

5 Take Meter Readings

On the day of your move, your head might be filled with getting the house cleared of belongings and making sure that the kids are actually in the car, and of course, nostalgia, meaning that you can easily forget priorities and fail to take final meter readings. By failing to take an accurate final meter reading, you could end up paying higher final utility bills and could even be making yourself liable for paying part of the new inhabitant’s final bills, so it is essential that you remember to make taking a final reading the last thing you do before you lock up your old home.

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