Creating An Ultra-Modern Style In Your Home

It has taken on many forms over the years, but minimalist, modern decorating has been a mainstay of interior design for decades. Nothing adds an air of chicness like contemporary interior décor, and this sleek style is popular with all types of homes, from family houses to bachelor pads. There are certain characteristic elements of modern-style home decorating that have persisted throughout the years. Here are some tips for incorporating a more contemporary style into your home, using typical aspects of modern interior decorating.

Geometric Shapes

A crucial element to include in your modern interior design is an abundance of geometric shapes and patterns. The contemporary style is all about clean, dramatic lines, which makes the use of a lot of geometric figures an obvious choice. Try mixing and matching the geometric shapes you use in your interior design to give your contemporary style a more whimsical feeling, or go with a large statement piece in an off-the-wall shape to add some drama.

Overall, simplicity is key in modern interior design. You want your furniture and decorations to strike a balance between looking chic and interesting with not looking ornate or elaborately-shaped. Intricate patterns and floral prints are discouraged if you want your home to look thoroughly modern. Basically, any shapes or patterns that can’t be described as minimalist or geometric shouldn’t be included in a contemporary decorating scheme.

Color Schemes

Typical color schemes in modern home decorating usually include neutrals, black, and earth/wood tones. As a decorating color, black does not fit in better with any other style more than it does with ultra-modern décor. Using black as a statement color in your furniture and decorations is the most dramatic way to infuse your home with a contemporary feel. If you want a lighter mood in your home, however, go easy on the black or use white, beige, and brown instead. When you are choosing which wood species and colors you want to outfit your modern-styled home with, stay away from mixing colors.

If you don’t like the sound of a lack of color in your home, there is a way to incorporate a splash of color without straying too far from a modern look. You can use one wall of each room to paint an accent wall in a more standout color than neutrals, black, or white. Just make sure that the color you use is a shade of a primary color – red, yellow, or blue. Red is the most common accent color used in modern or contemporary interior decorating.

Sleek Finishes

One sure-fire way to make your home look ultra-modern is to redo your floors, surfaces, wood accents, and even your upholstery with sleek, shiny finishes. Some characteristic elements of modern style include shiny black leather couches, glossy dark or red-toned hardwood floors, and brilliant (yet simple) silver-hued light fixtures. The shiny finishes on your fixtures, furniture, and flooring should look polished and somewhat industrial to fit with modern style. You can achieve this sleek appearance by refinishing your hardwood floors, or using a glossy enamel to paint over your furniture.

To make the look even more promising, people opt for custom wood flooring instead. By combining some of these little touches to your home’s decorating scheme, you will surely give it more of that minimalist, sleek, modern style.

Lenny Cravits writes about interior design, home improvement, & interior decorating. He enjoys writing & sharing ideas about all aspects of home renovation & decor, from classic styles to the latest trends.

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