5 forever home decor trends

Your home reflects your personal taste so a well decorated home can speak a lot for yourself and your choices. We all dream of a beautiful house but what turns it into a home is how well you set it up, be it the color of your walls, the furniture that you put or even where the coffee table goes in the house. After all one does want to ensure that your home sends out warm and cozy vibes. There are a few trends that are classic and never go out of fashion. Sometimes sticking to the basics can do wonders. Just because there are new trends every season does not mean that one needs to follow them blindly.

1.less is more
Just because you have a huge home it does not mean that you clutter it with lots of unnecessary furniture. Sometimes less is also more. Using minimal furniture can also do wonders for your home. If you have a small apartment then you should surely have less furniture. Invest in good things rather than buying too much. Vancouver has a lot of classic options to choose from when it comes to styling your home. You could always visit their website to know more about the services and products that they have.

2.colour pallet
Choosing the right color combination for your home is a very important decision to take. Since a brightly colored wall can add a lot of glamour to your plain simple looking living room. Choose colors that bring out the best of the particular room. Choose bright colored accessories that match a subtle colored sofa rather than buying an eccentric looking sofa just because a fashion magazine says to buy it.

3.choose comfortable furniture
Make sure that the furniture that you choose is extremely comfortable. Now one would definitely not want to sit on an uncomfortable sofa on a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book, one would definitely want something that is comfy and cosy at the same time. Do not buy extensive glass furniture because that has the highest chances to break easily.

Photographs are one thing that helps immensely in changing a house into a home. One can make collages of your fondest memories and get them framed. These photographs can be used in the living rooms, bedrooms and even in dining rooms. It adds a touch of personalization and we all love looking at pictures that remind us of the fabulous times that we have had.

5.quality matters
Just because there is a sale with a huge discount doesn’t mean that one goes berserk and buys everything that you see. Be smart invest in good quality furniture even if it is a tad bit expensive after all quality matters in the long run rather than the quantity of it.

Make sure that you do not follow trends blindly, keep in mind what you think what looks the best. Our staff is very skilled and can offer advice on how to decorate your living space as well. Since buying a piece of furniture involves a lot of things you have to be patient to get it right.

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