7 Crazy Homes That Might Be Difficult To Insure

Homes come in so many styles and varieties, but there’s one thing they all share in common – the need for homeowners insurance. While there may be several perks to owning a less than conventional home, finding insurance isn’t one of them. If you are looking for an insurance for your home, contact Bear River Home Insurance. When choosing insurance you should make sure that you find the best home insurance policy that fits your needs. Now, let’s take a look at some peculiar homes that your average insurer might have a hard time covering.

This first home looks like it was built by a crew of workers who took a routine trip to a nearby pub before punching in. Not only does the house look like it’s about to fall on the next person to walk underneath it, whoever has the upstairs bedroom must have pulled the short straw. Like a recluse neighbor, State Farm would probably stay far away from this leaner.

“Hey Barn, I’m headed down to the quarry. Mr. Slate has me workin’ overtime again. Keep an eye on Bam-Bam for me, would ya?” “Sure thing, Fred.” Yes, the Flintstones have moved into the neighborhood. This Stone Age abode is a reminder that progress is a fickle thing, and instead of moving closer to the Jetsons, well, you know.

Living in seclusion has been redefined. The owners of this home can’t even drive up to the front door. See the track in the back leading up to the top of the cliff? That’s an elevator to the owner’s garage. Wonder what they do for trick-or-treaters? Although the owners don’t have to worry about pesky neighbors, they risk their lives every time they need a carton of milk.

Hmm, turns out The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe wasn’t just a nursery rhyme after all. It’s just a shame that most insurance companies don’t offer home/shoe insurance bundles.

This home is something Dr. Seuss couldn’t have even dreamed up. It appears that in order to live, or even enter, in this house, you must be able to walk upside-down – a feat that most humans probably can’t accomplish. It’s quite small from the outside, though, so you have to be a little odd anyway to want to live in a home like this (unless it has a secret dimension into a spacious mansion behind that door).

What came first, this house, or the tree it rests within? Those who are fortunate enough to inhabit this true tree house will also be able to enjoy an endless supply of maple syrup.

This is a breath of fresh air. Just when we thought we were headed back to the Stone Age, this beauty comes along. George Jetson himself couldn’t be prouder. It’s unlikely that it’s a real UFO, brought here by Saturnites, but it’s pretty cool and probably has at least one robot maid.

The moral of the story is before you run out to your nearest hardware store for supplies to build your hybrid shoe/spaceship home on the side of a cliff, make sure your home insurance company will have your back when and if an earthquake hits. We won’t judge you if you choose to live in a home like one of these, but we do expect an invite to the housewarming party.

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Jordan Jeromchek is an architectural design student living in Las Vegas. One day hoping to design and bring to life quirky buildings, keeping up with insurance guidelines is very important. To keep up with the everchanging stipulations, Jordan often consults the blog of Accupro Insurance, aka Quote Guy.

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