5 Superstitions You May Want To Heed With Your New House

Do you wonder why people looking to own a house look for vintage? Well, for one, vintage homes have a homey, lived-in appeal that is cozy and comforting. They rekindle pleasant memories of childhood days when there were none of the cares and worries that beset adults.

But when you buy a vintage house, you pay for both the good and the bad. You get the rustic charm and the leaking water pipes and peeling walls in one package. A practical solution to owning a vintage home that has all the amenities of contemporary living is to have one built and designed in vintage look but equipped with the technology that modern homes provide like new plumbing, water heaters, furniture, lighting and even more.

With that in mind, you can start looking for a home builder who has the expertise and experience in building vintage homes. And as long as you’re into vintage mode, you might want to consider some old wives’ tales and superstitious beliefs that will bring good luck to your new house and ward off bad spirits and negative energy. Take them with a grain of salt. But there’s no harm either in heeding them. Read on and decide for yourself.

1. Breed goldfish in an aquarium in your living room. Goldfish brings positivity and good luck. Koi and carp will also do. Make it eight goldfish (some versions say it should be nine) and add one black fish to remove bad luck. Check out a list of the best fish tanks here.

2. Knock on wood. When you talk to someone else about the good luck that has come to you, you knock on wood to prevent that luck from turning bad.

Since wood is almost always used in vintage homes, make sure you use good quality and treated lumber that won’t give you problems in the years to come. Learn more about vintage house building and design ideas so that you can choose one that reflects the uniqueness and personality you want.

3. “The mirror crack’d from side to side; ‘The curse is come upon me,’ cried The Lady of Shalott.” Do not buy antique mirrors for your vintage house. It is believed that spirits of the dead can get trapped in mirrors. If you don’t know the history of old mirrors that you liked in an antique shop or garage sale, don’t buy them.

Another myth goes that if a mirror falls from a wall by itself, death will befall someone living in the house. To deflect it, all the broken pieces and the dust remnants should be gathered and buried in the ground near the base of a tree.

4. Never walk under a ladder. In many religions, the triangle symbolizes life and a ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle. Walking under it breaks the triangle which is interpreted as inviting death. The antidote is to walk backwards under the ladder the other way. Or simply cross your fingers if you cannot avoid walking under the ladder. Maybe you can also warn your home builder about this walking under the ladder stuff while he and his workers are making your new house.

5. When you’re inviting neighbors and friends to your housewarming, let them know in advance not to give a knife as a housewarming present. Giving a knife could ruin the friendship later on. If you do get one, make the giver pay you a penny to thwart the bad vibes.

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Merie Miller is an interior decorator and is currently into vintage homes and furnitures.

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