Today’s Popular Bathroom Design Trends

Today, bathrooms go beyond the usual functionality. It has now become a place of respite, a place away from our busy schedules which gives us a convenient way to unwind and soak away worries. This year, bathroom remodeling designers and manufacturers veered towards ambient, subtle features that amplified comfort and relaxation. This year’s trends are all about providing a place of oasis for the most hardworking person in the house – you!

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What’s Hot this 2014

Year on year, we see a lot of trends that emerge. 2014 is no different. However, there are simply some design elements that stand out. Here are just some of the few popular and relevant sightings that embody the year of the “me”. If you’re one the homeowner who appreciates the pampering and the limelight, you should consider the following in your next bathroom remodeling quest.

1.     Gray Topples White in Color Supremacy

White has been the favorite color since time in memoriam but this year, gray is becoming a choice by most to unseat white in its dominant position. According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, use of gray in the bathroom rose to 56% in 2013 compared to 12% in 2010. Gray is the perfect color if you want your bathroom to look clean, calm, and collected look with a slight hint of complexity and sophistication. As opposed to other flamboyant colors, neutrals are the safest hues to bank on if you’re never brave with color. Gray makes your room alive without forcing weight on the eyes. Regardless if you prefer vintage or modern, gray will surely fit into any theme. So next time you want a fresh change of paint but unsure of what to get, consider gray and you won’t regret it.

2.     Transitional Style Has Become the Go-To Theme

A traditional bathroom always tops most homeowners’ lists and it still is the safest theme one can pick if he’s not design-savvy. Many of us, in spite of a smorgasbord of inspirational lookbooks, are still afraid of taking bold design risks. Adhering to the conventional style is a good idea, however, it is very safe and sometimes, boring. Once in a while, we want a break from the usual, and this is why the transitional style came into play. Transitional style is the blending of traditional and contemporary design, which is perfect for homeowners who want to diversify the conventional by adding a modern twist into a monotonous equation.  This design is a combination of the old and new schools of thought in room design.  To succeed in marrying these two clashing concepts, choose traditional for those big-ticket items such as the cabinets or vanity, windows, doors, and main lighting, and choose modern for fixtures, décor, accent lighting, colors and fabrics. This way, when you want to shift to other newer trends, you can easily conform without risking your whole bathroom concept.

3.     Lighting Becomes a Key Element

Vintage and pendant luminaries are on rage this 2014. If you’re tired of the usual scones, try these for a change. For a more eclectic feel, try suspending them over your bathroom countertop.  Install chandeliers with dimmers for a cozy, warm look. Having the ability to control lighting gives you that power to set moods, turning boring bathroom trips into a spa-like experience each and every time. With a hot tub and ambient lighting combined with soft music and aromatic oils diffused inside the bathroom, you may never want to leave!

4.     Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

It’s not practical to go to the spa every single day. Not only are these expensive, but they also eat up a lot of time. This prompted bathroom appliance and technology manufacturers to incorporate spa-like features into bathroom fixtures and elements. Regular white lights are out; focused mood lightings such as pendant and chandeliers are now the way to go especially if you want to set a romantic mood or if you just want to unwind and relax. Ottomans are perfect regardless if you have a large or petite bathroom. They provide comfortable but unobtrusive seating as you about your usual routine and they can be pushed into a corner when unused.   Instead of being tucked inside drawers or cabinets, towels and linens are brought out in the  open – for easy access and decorative purpose. Fluffy rugs are unrolled to “soften” the industrial look common to bathrooms. All of these spa features can now be achieved in your own personal space for you to enjoy.

5.     Special Finishes Make a Comeback

Chrome fixtures and stainless steel sinks may have dominated bathrooms for the longest time and we thought we’d never see the end of it. For those tired of seeing silver, we’ve got good news for you! Brass, brush-nickel, gold, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes are making a comeback. These finishes are reminiscent of the 90’s bathrooms and this year, they are stealing the limelight from your usual chrome-atic scene. Changing your bathroom’s fixtures can make a huge impact – you’ll be surprised at how those small changes can totally redefine a space. The antique look adds character to a simple bathroom more so if you are aware of these pieces’ history and value. This little bit of history can even add up to your bathroom’s value when you put your property up for sale. You can check this page out for more ideas.

6.     Free-Standing Tubs Overthrow Jacuzzis

A few years ago, Jacuzzi tubs were all the rage in luxury bathrooms. However, not everyone can afford one, plus, all the bubble action and the extra space on the tub might just make one even  loathe being single. Because of this, people are opting to get free-standing tubs. They’re not as fancy as Jacuzzis but they’re the more practical and more affordable alternative to individual soaking and relaxation. Manufacturers have made dipping into the tub much more amazing by incorporating features reminiscent of a pleasant spa experience – at the comfort of one’s home. While these tubs don’t come cheap, they certainly cost less than you and your family’s year’s worth of spa treatments.  This is an investment that not only adds architectural elegance to a bathroom but also literally makes you feel good.

The year of the “me”

You bust your guts working 12-hour shifts to provide a great future for your families. No doubt, this year’s trends are focused on you – the unsung heroes of our time. And this is why you need a well-deserved reward in the form of bathrooms that provide great comfort, style, and function at affordable costs.

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