Why Does the Electricity in Your House Need to be Grounded?


The electricity in your home has many components, some of which need to be grounded. Not every appliance in your home needs to be grounded, but those that do are critical to have the right wiring done. One of the worst mistakes you could make would be to just change the face of the plug without changing the actual hardware of the electricity in your home. Pay attention to this, and learn why grounding the electricity in your home is so critical.

The safety

Older homes that were built weren’t always grounded. For those who are living in an older home, it is important to make sure you call an electrician from a provider like Cool Hand Electric in Mansfield, TX to check if the wiring has been altered to ensure it is grounded. Without doing this you will be at a higher risk during lightning storms. Most homes that are built today will have the necessary electricity grounded, but get it checked before moving in by getting an inspection. It is a small price to pay to ensure your home will be safe.

According to experts like Xpert Electric Power Restoration, the reason grounding was implemented into the process was to reduce the chance of a serious or even fatal electric shock caused by a current leaking into the parts of a metal appliance that wasn’t insulated. When the electricity in your home is properly grounded, the electrical current is carried harmlessly away into the ground away from people.

Even when the electricity is properly grounded, don’t be stupid with the electrical appliances in your home. Even when using an appliance that is plugged into a properly grounded outlet while standing over a puddle of water can cause an electric shock. Be aware of this and remain safe no matter the situation you are in.

Each appliance is different

You will notice that not every appliance you own has a prong for the ground wire. These can still be plugged into outlets that are grounded, but won’t use the ground feature. It is only vital to plug in things that have a grounding prong into an outlet that is grounded. You may contact a licensed electrician if you want to replace your outlets with grounded ones or replace your electric panel in your home in Ashland City, TN. If you wish to look for other top services and know more about Home Town Electrical Doctor services, you can go online and search for their page.

In some situations the ground wire will cause problems, like with the radio. The signal will be ruined, losing the function of the device. To make up for the lack of grounding wire, the equipment must be made with more electrical insulation. This will guarantee that if a person does touch it, and there is a problem with a current leak, there is enough backing to prevent an electrical shock from occurring. This will keep you away from harm while using these items. If the item in question could not deliver a big enough shock to kill a person standing on the ground should any fault occur, there is no need for the third wire.

There have been many changes made to outlets and plugs, as well as electrical switchgear, over the years as grounding became more crucial with some appliances. Be aware of how your home is set up, and be prepared to make any changes necessary. Make sure the electricity in your home is grounded to prevent a fatal electric shock, and ensure the appliances in your home will continue running for years to come.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes for jpelectric.com, a Salt Lake City electric repair company. She has written on electrical safety in the home, and what steps need to be taken to ensure everyone will remain safe no matter the situation.

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