Perfect Design Tips For Your Kitchen Cabinets


Quality kitchen cabinets are not only essential for efficiency in the kitchen but also better appearance and design. The kitchen cabinet should blend in with the kitchen colors, patterns and style when you decide to have a Cabinetry Remodel with the help of a cabinet remodeling professional. Color of the kitchen flooring should help choose the kitchen cabinet color. Darker cabinets tend to work well with slightly lighter-toned floors. The kitchen style being contemporary, modern or vintage should help assist in proper selection of the kitchen cabinet. The kitchen pattern can either be simple or intricate.  Thus this decision would aid much in choosing the nature of the kitchen cabinet. A Custom Cabinet Designer can help you make all these decisions for your kitchen to stand out.

Top-quality kitchen cabinets pose the quality of basic good furniture. The quality of the kitchen cabinet depends on the individual quality and perfectness of each individual component which are well explained below.

1. Face: These are the structures visible from the front of the cabinet. The Wood used should not have knots, grain irregularities, pitch pockets, color differences or sanding scars . The line between joints of two pieces of wood should almost disappear. The Drawer fronts and Flat door panels should be obtained from a single piece of wood that is solid.

2. End Panel: The Solid wood grain and color should be similar and Frame pieces should have mortise-and-tenon joinery that is the panel that is assembled is attached to the carcass and screws driven from the inside.

3. Drawer: The best kitchen cabinet Drawers should have All their sides made from wood(most preferably hard wood) 5/8 inch or thicker and all sides should have a groove that supports drawer bottom.

4. Carcass: This is the plywood box that forms the cabinet’s interior. The Side and floor panels should be 1/2 inch minimum thickness and the shelves(made of plywood) should be at least 3/4 inch thick.

5. Tunable Hinges: They can either be visible or hidden (depending on your taste)a kitchen cabinet hinge should be strong and adjustable to enable the doors to align with the surrounding face-frame.

6. Floating Panels: Panels should not be fastened into the grooves (grooves are located at the frames around panels of cabinet doors and on the sides exposed of the cabinet), which enables them to expand and contract due to changes in the environmental conditions (both temperature and humidity) without causing cracks .Tiny pads are placed to enable the panels to be centered.

7. Drawer Slides: They are of two types, one which has two slides( is much stronger) and another has a single slide. Slides should be quiet and to ensure this they should run on bearings(most preferably nylon bearings) .For a good kitchen cabinet slide it should carry a load of reasonable weight and still allow the drawer to be opened fully.
8. Shelf Locks: The Shelves of the kitchen cabinet should be easily adjusted and supported by some metal brackets and not plastic ones. it should be fitted with a suitable locking device based on the taste of the customer since they are of many kind in the market. This will prevent the shelf from wandering

Following this can help you obtain the best existing kitchen cabinet.

Elizabeth Harper love to write about home furniture. She gives brilliant tips on basic furniture, decors and interior design ideas. Some tips she use are from Scahub kitchen cabinet hardware

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