The Hukilau 2014 — amazing! — 55 photographs

Hukilau-collage2Oh my term. I ‘d no notion. The Hukilau. The most awesome event I ‘ve attended. It was interesting. Kate and I arrived back on Monday — and we’re still processing — therefore now an easy-ish-peasy-ish we-can’t-even-start-to-catch-it-extremely photo essay: Scenes In The Hukilau 2014.

pam kueber hukilau

Christie – revealed burning on the phase — gave us unique 2014 Hukilau tiki faces for our contribution. Yes: That’s a cannibal tiki!

To start — Kate and I reveal our picture diary of The Hukilau in basic. Tomorrow, our photographs from The Mai-Kai.

christie white

Tiki Kiliki, we adore you! Thanks for encouraging us

About The Hukilau

It wasn’t very simple to participate in tasks on the West-Coast. So these tiki buffs – headed by Christie “Tiki Kiliki” White — established their own function in Atlanta. The Hukilau was an immediate success. But maybe not significantly from Atlanta — in Fort Lauderdale — there was an even better spot to meet, they immediately concurred: The Mai-Kai Cafe — an extraordinary time capsule instance of postwar tiki buildings assembled in 1956 — a veritable Temple o’ the Tiki — nonetheless was managing. The Hukilau has boomed there since, with the Mai-Kai as the epicenter of tasks and moved to Fort Lauderdale.


My favorite was The Shark-Bite, although!

Kate and I participated in this year’s Hukilau for the very first time. We led the panel Produce Your Own Sub-Urban Savage Paradise, which comprised top tiki design pros Jamie Wilson and Anjy Cameron aka Cheeky Tiki… Bamboo Ben… Danny Gallardo aka Tiki Diablo… and Dave Wolfe aka Cellar Kahuna.

the hukilau

Nicole additionally was a seller at The Hukilau market place via her store Rocket Town Retro in Cocoa Beach. Two masks were purchased by Pam

We participated in all of those other occasions, also… we discovered all about tiki background… we satisfied leading tiki historians… we taste-tested nicely-designed tiki cocktails derived from initial Don the Beachcomber recipes… we analyzed and got tiki artifacts (ahem, we shopped)…

the hukilau 2014

Villager Vikki Vaden of TheOpShoppe basks in the glory of a tiki at The Mai-Kai throughout the Hukilau.

… we wore classic dresses and flowers in our hair… we drifted around the Mai-Kai again and again… and, we fulfilled tons of viewers and several other fantastic individuals. There were burlesque and groups playing exotica revival melodies, mermaids, also. This really is an incredible community!

witco clock

Nicole’s married man with a Witco clock which was not for sale. Hmph.

My favourite parts of The Hukilau were the Mai-Kai… and the folks… and oh my: The clothing.

hukilau villagers

Villagers including Gina Santucci, King Kukulele and Paul Roe in attentively plundered ceremonial garb.

Seasoned villagers had changes at least. I was advised they shopped all-year in planning. And it revealed.

A crucial takeaway: It’s super tough to be sad if you are wearing a brilliant bloom-coated gown — and a flower in your hair.

It is going to take time to recuperate from this.

Photographs In The Hukilau:

Hint to use slide-show: Click on thumbnail… it’ll enlarge… use the arrows below each photograph to move ahead or again… you might begin or cease at any photography.

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