Classic New Old-Stock vinyl by the yard — yummy retro shades, styles and embossing

vintage-vinyl-patterns-retroAfter I studied sources for mid century furniture leg ferrules, I detected IFSCO Industries, Inc. — a real-deal ‘retro’ firm that’s been in enterprise since 1946. Turns out, the firm’s roots are in “cushioning goods” – and it’s sitting on a big a backlog of classic vinyl patterns in the 1950s, 1960s, 70s and 80s — ideal to regain classic dinette seats… make a banquette… or perhaps use for garden furniture. The corporation also has bunches of New-Old Stock vinyl wall coverings.

It was founded in 1946 by now the dad and uncle of Tim Casper, who’s now president of the corporation, that was initially referred to as Illinois Fibre Specialty Co, Inc. — hence IFSCO.

About IFSCO Industries from their site:

His brother John and Chicago entrepreneurs Casimir Kasper recognized the requirement for quality, inexpensive cushioning items to supplement the choices accessible to the furniture sector. Their collaborative initiatives resulted in the foundation of Illinois Fibre Specialty Co., Inc.

Having been in operation since 1946, the Business has collected a huge library of dies, molds and designs to goods the most contemporary to the retro-fashions furniture components along with contemporary to conventional vinyl cloth patterns.

Every worker in our production and distribution procedure is a crucial part of producing IFSCO’s standing for special worth….


Craftweave Phonograph Record in Spruce Green

By this print date, there are simply a smattering of classic vinyl designs on the IFSCO Industries site. But discussing with business president Tim Kasper, I discovered there’s more however stashed in the warehouse waiting to be evaluated, photographed and recorded online available.


Vintage Gold Del Rio Vinyl

Based on Tim, the corporation is an energetic nationwide provider of both imported and domestic vinyl nowadays. But because of its lengthy history, additionally, it has a big stockpile of classic vinyl shades and patterns in the 1950s, 1960s, 70s and 80s — some is left over stock, some is phonograph record that the corporation received to pay debts from other firms which were going out-of-business. Tim claims there are several shades and designs, including flowered, wood grain and “uncommon things” that’s all discontinued New-Old Inventory.

Contained in the firm’s backlog is a collection of classic vinyl that’s specified to be used as a wallcovering — largely for kitchen backslashes, or wallcoverings which were regularly used in RVs and Airstream classic trailers. He stated this ‘wall’ vinyl is just not inflexible, and is substantially thinner than what would be utilized to protect seats because it doesn’t need to resist the friction and continuous abuse from individuals sitting on it. This kind of vinyl would generally be stuck to your wall board-like can be likened to your heavy duty vinyl wall paper of types and substrate.

However, many homeowners feel entirely overwhelmed when trying to choose between the various options available for use as wall coverings. This often results in them simply giving the walls in question a coat of paint and then hoping for the best afterward. However, there is also the option of using vinyl planks on walls, which has proven to be an excellent choice – especially in damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

He counsels anyone desiring to try and locate a match due to their classic dinette place to turn among their seats over and choose a little snipping off the underside of the seat to deliver to the business. Since the vinyl under the seat will not be subjected to years of filth, filth, fading in the sun and maltreatment, it should most strongly represent the cloth’s first coloring.

IFSCO Sectors has worked with individuals searching for specific phonograph record previously, including a guy who specialized in restoring classic Studebakers in the 1950s.

Pentagon-Vinyl-colorscolors-of-vinyl-for-vintage-dinettesIf you can’t discover the appropriate shade in the firm’s retro vinyl archives, Tim suggests looking into the Initial and Pentagon fashions, which provide a rainbow of colours to select from.

These designs that are classic seem scrumdilicious!

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