Simple Charming Project Ideas For Beautiful DIY Home Renovation

Twine Light Bulb Pears

Twine Light Bulb Pears1. Twine Light Bulb Pears: Diy home renovation magic doesn’t have to be hard. Make your own twine light bulb pears by following this step-by-step DIY guide from Sweet Society (via Sweet Society)

2Rustic Rope Serving Tray

Rustic Rope Serving Tray2. Rustic Rope Serving Tray: How to make a rustic rope serving tray, just like the ones you see at Pottery Barn. (via Tikkido)

3Rustic Basket

Rustic Basket3. Rustic Basket: My niece snorted at me the other day when I showed her this latest DIY of mine. Not because she didn’t like the end result, but because I told her I (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

4Rustic Ring Box

Rustic Ring Box4. Rustic Ring Box: How to Make a Rustic Ring Bearer Box out of a birch branch, perfect for a woodland inspired wedding! Plus FREE Wedding Design printable. (via A Handcrafted Wedding)

5Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

Rustic Pallet Coffee Table5. Rustic Pallet Coffee Table (via The Wonder Forest)

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