The 5 Types of Art You Need Around Your Home

Unless you plan on living in a white box for the rest of your life, you’re probably planning on hanging some art. You might consider yourself an art connoisseur, or you might grab whatever looks good at Target. Either way, you have a lot of options when it comes to art.You can hang indie pieces, classical pieces like Starry Night or Flaming June, or frame the after-school scribbles of your six-year-old. An eclectic display is often the most interesting to look at, and mixing and matching is encouraged. For a truly fulfilling art display, consider hanging these five types of art around your home.

Classic Art

You might only have one piece of classical art in your home, but if you do, it’s a sneaky way of exhibiting great taste. To get started, you can explore your tastes until you find a piece that speaks to you. For example, you might not want something from the Rococo period, but if you have a taste for impressionism or modern art, you can browse famous painters online, or even visit your local art museum until you find something you love.

Indie Art

While classic art looks great, you might also hang some independent art or Hand-Crafted Woodworking Art Pieces around your home. There are plenty of current artists designing amazing pieces, and whether you’re into foxes, Firefly the TV show, or classic literature, you’ll be able to find a piece that suits your style exactly. It’s nice to pop over to Walmart or Target and grab a print that covers the wall, but you should also invest in something more personal. Indie art is easier than ever to browse and buy online. Plus, it’s nice to give a nod to the artists who are working hard on creating for a living.

Family Portraits

Most families have a family portrait or two hanging on the walls. Family portraits are one of many ways that you can celebrate your family, but you don’t have to have a stiff studio print. You can take candid photos with a great camera at the beach, or get a canvas print made by a team like Simple Canvas Prints of everyone at your oldest child’s wedding. Family portraits help remind your family that they’re important to you, so filling your home with everyone’s faces, from birth to college graduations, helps make everyone feel more at home. If you’re at a loss for what style of family portraits to take, experiment with candid shots, studio portraits, or more relaxed poses at the park.

Your Own Photography

If you have a knack for photography at all, you should hang some of your own pieces around the house, even if it’s just a few 4x5s. You can take the pictures you snapped of your last vacation or even some of your best Instagram shots. Even quick polaroids of you and your friends can make a great addition to your wall space. It’s easy to mat and frame any size, once you know how.

Family Scribbles

Last, but not least, you should include some of your children’s art on your walls, if you have any kids at home. Most children get their crayon scribbles displayed on the fridge now and then, but you can come up with more creative ways to display their handiwork. You can use temporary frames, clipboards, or even clothespins. As they get older, even highly imperfect pieces are worth framing and finding a spot for on the wall.

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