Fresh Designs For Ceiling Fans That Look Great

Once upon a time, interior designers were pretty cool on ceiling fans. There weren’t many good-looking designs that would fit a contemporary home, but those days have passed. The energy savings and comfort offered by ceiling fans are often too good to pass down, and ceiling fan manufacturers stepped up their game in terms of design choices. There are now tons of great designs you can choose from, many available at great prices online. If you don’t have them already, or if you want to update old and out-of-style ceiling fans, now is the time to start looking.

Save on Energy Costs

A Ceiling fan, just like an oscillating fan, can reduce your energy bill in all seasons. Ceiling fans are an energy efficient solution to heating and cooling if you know how to use them correctly. You can skip the AC in the summer and prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter. Here’s the difference between relying on ceiling fans instead of AC:

  • A central air system uses on average 3,500 watts when in use;
  • A room air conditioner uses on average 1,000 watts
  • A ceiling fan turned onto high only uses 50 watts

In the summer time, you want your ceiling fan to create a down draft to make your home more comfortable. Keep your windows open at night and a ceiling fan can help push warm air out of your home. In the winter, you want to create an updraft. By bringing air up, it forces the warm air around the ceiling to redistribute.

Get Comfortable at Home

Not only can ceiling fans be used to help cool or heat up a room, they also keep your home more comfortable. If you’re the kind of person who’s constantly turning the air conditioning off and on, a ceiling fan is the solution for you. An air conditioner kicks in when the temperature hits a certain point. Then it can quickly make a room feel freezing. A ceiling fan keeps the temperature in the room consistent so that once you find your comfort zone you can maintain it. To ensure that your ac unit maintains its energy efficiency, you should schedule a regular ac repair and tune up service.

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Choosing a Style

You have a lot of choices of ceiling fans today and it helps to know what kind of style you want before you start shopping. It’s getting easier and easier to find attractive ceiling fan styles that will fit your interior design choices. Here are some of the most popular design styles in ceiling fans right now:

  • Modern: in either plain black or white, simple three-, four-, or five-blade ceiling fans with bold rectangular blades are unobtrusive and should fit any contemporary design.
  • Lilith blade: The Lilith blade looks like it was inspired by the curving buildings of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Hip, evocative, and available in natural colors like walnut, these will be a bold addition to a room.
  • Bold blade styles: From Pavel to Wisp to Embrace, there are dozens of bold blade styles you can now choose from in a ceiling fan.

You can save on energy and make your home a more comfortable place with ceiling fans all year long.

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