4 Tips for Staying Safe During House Renovation Projects

Renovating and remodeling your home is an exciting proposition, especially when you are personally involved in the process, but it can also be hazardous to your health and that of your family as well. To make sure that everyone in the house, including you, are safe during that kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling, here are four tips that should come in handy.

Don’t Ignore the Hard Hat

The hard hat has been around for a long time and there’s a good reason for that. Anything from falling debris to a sudden bump on the head while rising up unmindfully in a tight space with little headroom can bang your head up pretty good if you are not wearing a hard hat. Your hard hat will also protect your hair and eyes to a degree, so don’t ignore it. If you would like to wear glasses for extra protection, you can buy one from an eyeglasses uk online store.

Toxic Fumes are No Joke

Painting may seem like a straightforward job, but you need to wear appropriate masks to protect your lungs from the fumes, along with gloves. These precautions become all the more important while sanding off old paint as you may end up inhaling toxic powder in the process. If your house is an old one and it was last painted decades ago, there’s always a chance that it may contain lead, which could lead to very serious health complications. Check out the lead safety enforcement laws, regulations and penalties to know what we are talking about here. Get the walls tested from a lab, and if your walls are indeed coated with lead, you will need the help of experts to remove it and no one can stay in the house until it’s safe to come back again. In addition, if radon is present, you may contact a professional radon mitigation system service for expert help.

Beware of Your Tools

In case you have children and pets running around in the house, scattered tools are an impending disaster. The best thing to do is to simply make the renovation area off-limits to the children and pets by closing off the section. When that’s not an option, place your tools high, unplug your power tools, and make sure that someone is watching pets and the children at all times.

Asbestos Can Still be a Concern

These toxic crystals have been banned since the 1970s, but many old houses were built long before that and they probably still contain a lot of asbestos. Since it is the deadliest building material ever utilized, you should always have your house tested for asbestos before moving in, or at least before you start any renovations. According to Asbestos Removal CT, Asbestos removal is a deadly business that you should never attempt on your own. Even if there are no toxic components, a remodeling or construction project can lead to plenty of debris. An Interior Protection service can help keep this unwanted material isolated, keeping the house and the air within as clean as is possible, and making disposal much easier and faster.

As far as small to medium grade renovation work is concerned, these four tips should be enough to keep you and your family safe. However, an important point to remember is that nothing beats a combination of common sense, experience, and knowledge, so don’t be in two minds about calling in some expert help if you think you could use some. An extra pair of eyes and hands just makes things so much easier, faster and safer.

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