How to Boost Your Home’s Appeal

First impressions often make all the difference–studies show that we make decisions about others within seconds to minutes of meeting them for the first time. They even matter when you are putting your home on the market. However, you do not need to have your house up for sale to consider its level of curb appeal. You want your home to have the ‘wow’ factor, even when your friends and family come over for a visit, so giving it a little makeover can help freshen up its overall look, giving guests a warm welcome and reflecting your own personal style from the outside in. Below are five simple ideas for how to make your home more attractive and welcoming!

Try a New Color Scheme

It may be time for a new color scheme inside and out! If you are not thinking of replacing the siding on your home, you can still freshen up the exterior with new paint in a different color scheme. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, even if it’s just on your door. The entry is the focal point of your home’s overall appeal, so it needs to stand out among the rest of the home’s facade. Contrast your front door with the exterior of your home–bright colors like red or teal are great pops of color against most neutrals.

When choosing paint colors for your interior rooms, stick to a common theme and palette. You can find plenty of color scheme ideas for if you like neutrals, warm colors, cool colors, or mixes of each online. Just be sure that your choices reflect your personality and coordinate with the exterior!

Repair and Replace

Inside and out, your home could use a few repairs and replacements to help boost its overall value and aesthetic appeal. On the exterior, pay close attention to your gutters. If they are damaged or broken in anyway, replace them in a color that matches your trim so they can be both functional and compatible with the rest of your home. For the interior, consider updating your flooring. Take out any carpeting that you are tired of, or any that does not belong in certain rooms (such as the dining room–hardwood or linoleum is easier to clean up). You can check out a flooring and tile company along the lines of Wade Distributors. They have a large selection of multiple colors and styles of porcelain tile, laminate, hardwood, and carpeting, so you can find just what you want or need. If you think you do not have the budget for a new carpet, you can have your old carpets cleaned from Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Knoxville and have them look brand new. From smaller projects such as tile backsplashes to larger ones such as living room floor replacement, most companies will help make the choosing and installation process as easy as possible.

Spruce up the Lawn and Driveway

One of the first things people will notice about your home when they drive past it is the lawn, so it is important to always have a quality commercial lawn mowing service take care of your lawn. It should be kept well-manicured and any foliage should be managed so it does not cover the driveway, walkway, or the view of the entryway. If you want to cut down on maintenance, you can experiment with artificial grass. However, if you think your driveway needs work you can reach out to tampa driveway paving to have a beautiful driveway which will make your house very attractive. Mow and water your lawn on a regular basis, so it will have less bare or dead spots, especially in warmer weather. Pay close attention to and trim or remove any overbearing shrubbery that may cover windows or other notable features of the exterior. To give your exterior more vibrance and life, you can create an instant garden with potted plants and flowers or buy stones that coordinate with your driveway, brick, or siding to create borders and raised gardens.

You can also place stones or flowers at the edges of your driveway and walkway for added beauty and sophistication–just be sure to keep all of your flower beds weeded and groomed just like the rest of your lawn. According to a paving contractor if your driveway has any cracks or bumps, get them repaired with asphalt patching–not just to get rid of any eyesores but also so no one will be in danger of tripping or damaging a tire. Clear out any clutter from your front yard, as well. Remove kids’ toys, bikes, outdoor tools and equipment, and unnecessary decor. You want your exterior to be clean to reflect the care that you take indoors.

Update the Roof, Windows, and Siding

According to Architecture and Design, “roofs are often visible from the street and an attractive roof always draws appreciation.” The roof may be the first thing that guests see when they drive up, so it should be taken care of as needed. If your roof is rusted, you can add a coat or two of paint. Look up roofing and construction services if you need to replace any broken or missing shingles, or to replace the entire roof. Be sure also the you know how to clean asphalt shingles. They will ensure that your roof gets the maintenance and care it needs in order to be safe for your town’s weather conditions, functional, and appealing to the neighborhood.

Many home improvement services offer to replace your windows and siding. Getting your windows replaced will not just boost your home’s curb appeal, it will also make it more energy efficient as well. In the long run, this will be money well spent because you will save on air conditioning and heating bills throughout the changing seasons. In addition, new windows can give your home an added sense of security with new locking mechanisms. Brand-new residential siding can also command attention to your home and most options involve lower maintenance levels than wood siding. If you have already updated your siding within the past several years, it will just need a good pressure wash to make it spotless and like new again.

Add Fun to the Backyard

Having an outdoor living space is a good investment because it will offer you, your family, and any guests a great area to enjoy being comfortable outside for gatherings, parties, and general relaxation. You might have a grill already that allows you to host backyard barbeques, but your summer events would not be complete without some swimming pool construction. With a company similar to Litehouse Pools and Spa, you will have everything you need from the initial installation to care and cleaning chemicals and recommendations to any maintenance your aquatic fun zone may require in the future.

Whether you choose an above-ground pool with a gorgeous deck, or an in-ground pool with cute fountain features, your family and guests are sure to love spending more time outside. In addition to a fun backyard, you also need comfort. Be sure to have cushioned outdoor seating on the patio or in a shaded area–it would also be neat to have a hammock or two! Make sure you have electric pruning shears to maintain your garden and keep it neat.

By considering each of these five ideas, you can choose just how you would like to update your home to help boost its value and appeal, even if you are not putting it up for sale. You may even just need to take two or three of these into account to give it the ‘wow’ factor from your family members and guests. Remember: always keep your personal style, taste, and preferences in mind!

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