Painted Floor Tiles Have Become a Popular Way to Restore or Update Old Tiles

While ceramic floor tiles add a certain unique beauty and elegance to the home, they can also cause quite a few headaches as they age and begin to crack and chip from long usage. Regular ceramic floor tiles have a lifespan of about thirty years before they begin to show their age and need to be replaced. Of course, this depends on their size. The small ceramic tiles often found in bathrooms can last half a century, while the large tiles from tiles adelaide in your hallway may begin to mottle after twenty years or so.

Most ceramic floor tiles are simply glazed, but a new technique now allows them to actually be painted, which not only opens up many new decorative possibilities, but can actually preserve the tiles for much longer.

It’s best to replace several tiles at once if you are doing the replacement yourself — that way you can use painted tiles to create an interesting geometric pattern that keeps the new tile installation from standing out like a sore thumb.

Self-adhesive tiles are the way to go for the DIY person. They bond immediately to any rough surface and require no clumsy caulking gun. Better hire a seasoned expert to do the flooring installation to avoid mistakes that will cost more money and time.

For a beautiful and meaningful family memory, let your children paint something on a dry tile square, then set it with a lacquer spray before placing it in into the floor — capturing a moment in time that can never be duplicated.

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