What to Do After You Find Water Damage in Your Home

Flooding is the primary reason for property damage. Most house owners unknowingly take the wrong action after water damage, which leads to long-term problems, often irreversible. Calling a professional water damage restoration company such as Ultra Flood Restoration immediately after a flood is the best way to mitigate the potential damage a flood might do to your property. Water damage can happen due to pipe burst, faulty machinery, bad weather condition, improper drainage system, and as a result of fire damage.

Natural disasters, such as rain, snow, hurricane, and storm cannot be avoided, especially in high-risk states. This keeps many homeowners worried and agitated throughout the risky seasons. However, the right water damage restoration or flood damage restoration process at the right time with the help of water damage restoration experts will help you cope up with the situation effectively and ease out recovery. A little bit of preparation such as getting Indigo Survey tree consultants to inspect if the trees in your property are hazardous or not will further minimize grievous property damage to a considerable extent.

In this blog, we will talk about the various precautions you should take if you live in a flood-prone area and things you should do after water damage takes place in your home.

How to Avoid Water Damage 

There are always ways to protect from water damage and expensive restoration treatments. Here are a few easy tips that will help you do so:

  • Don’t keep your hoses connected with the pipes as the standing water treatment inside can freeze the pipe and form an ice block. This could lead to the bursting of the pipe and damaging the walls and surfaces around. 
  • According to Roof Leak Repair Dublin, it’s important to keep your seamless gutters, roof, and downspouts clean to ensure smooth water flow, especially during winters. 
  • Don’t plant trees or shrubs near water systems and utility pipes. Hire Tree Dr – Tree Surgeons to examine all the trees in your property and suggest what needs to be removed.
  • Close the water main if you are going for a long vacation. 
  • Fix and replace faulty appliances to avoid leaks.
  • Change hoses and pipes of the washing machines regularly.
  • Install a water pressure gauge so that you maintain a normal water pressure around the house (pressure should fall between 40 and 70 psi, and not exceed 100 psi).
  • Don’t take minor pipe leaks, water spots, flaking paints and mildew growth lightly. They are the first signs of water damage. Attend them immediately. 
  • Try not to use soft floor coverings in areas where moisture retention is high, such as a bathroom.

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What to Do After You Find Water Damage?

Water damage falls under three categories and classes. And depending upon them, the restoration approach changes. However, try to keep the following things in mind to stay safe during and after the restoration. 

  • Address water damage within 24 – 48 hours to prevent mold growth. 
  • Do not contact sewer water and material directly. Wear protective gear, such as boots, goggles, gloves, and respiration mask. If possible hire trusted experts like the BFMD, LLC water line replacement team.
  • Dispose of food, tinned products, cosmetics, medicines, cardboard, clay utensils, carpet padding, upholsteries, stuffed toys and other porous items that were exposed to sewage or contaminated water.
  • Disinfect everything that came in contact with flood water using a good quality product.
  • Ensure there is no dampness or excessive moisture in the area. Use dehumidifiers and heavy-duty fans to quicken the drying process.
  • Do not use sprays to disinfect a contaminated product or area. It can cause more harm. Discarding is the best option. 
  • Use an only industrial vacuum cleaner to extract water.
  • You can help the restoration company by removing standing water using buckets and sponges. 
  • Try to clear the area as much as possible by removing movable items, including furniture, sofa, couches, books, shelves, electronic devices, and carpet, be sure to read about these reupholstering tips for leather chairs. 
  • Do not use water-soaked electronic devices until they are dry. 

In one example, this Las Vegas restoration company took before and after photos of the job they were hired to do.

NOTE: No matter how equipped you are, if you live in a water damage-prone area or if your house is very old, you must reserve contact with the best water damage restoration company in your locality. If required, sign up for an annual repair and maintenance service with the agency, so that your home is always well-kempt.

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