5 Ways To Never Get Locked Out of Your Home

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The sound of a clicking door lock and the discovery that you’ve forgotten your key is a scenario that can ruin your day. If you don’t want to get stuck on the outside of your home looking in, here are the five things you can do.

Hide a Lock Box

Instead of trying to inconspicuously hide a key, install a lockbox somewhere on the outside of the home. Most work by having the user punch in a numerical combination so that a burglar would not have access to the key without knowing the code.

Keep a Key in Your Wallet

As long as you hide it well and don’t leave any indication of what it is, you can safely carry an extra house key in your wallet. Of course, you still may find yourself locked out without your wallet as well, but there’s still a chance you’ll have grabbed your wallet or purse on the way out.

Give Extra Keys to a Neighbor

Find a neighbor you can trust and give them a spare key. This is also useful for when you’re going on vacation and need someone to water plants or just check in on things. Have extra sets of keys, you can check master lock smith for more info.

It’s always a good idea to have someone you trust to look after your home while you’re on vacation on places such as Flagstaff hotels.

Switch to a Keyless Doorknob

Most people get locked out because they absentmindedly engage the doorknob lock and close the door out of habit without realizing they don’t have their keys. To mitigate this risk, have a locksmith Leon County replace your regular doorknob with a completely keyless type to ensure you’ll never be able to lock yourself out again. Of course, you will have to remember to lock the deadbolt, but that can be done from the outside with your key in hand.

Use Smart Locks

If you really want to upgrade your entry system to be both easy and secure, have your puertas acorazadas barcelona equipped with smart locks. These will allow you access to the home using a number combination, fingerprint or even your smartphone.

If getting locked out hasn’t happened to you yet, chances are it will at some point. Prepare now by saving the contact number of a professional locksmith like the ones from companies like 24 hour Locksmith Toronto who can rekey locks and provide other residential and commercial locksmith services before you’re left out in the cold.

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