How You Can Turn Your Fixer-Upper Into a Luxury Home

Purchasing a new home that is considered a fixer-upper might seem like a risk. The potential to make the home your own is immensely attractive to certain buyers. For those with the budget or renovation experience, this can be a great opportunity to improve the value of the home vastly. You are going to need to put together a budget that gives you some breathing room unless there are hidden problems like roofing leaks and damages or heating maintenance issues in the home. Having Sydney building inspections will uncover every issue even if it is well-hidden. The following are ways that you can turn your fixer-upper into a luxury home. 

Pool and Deck

Adding a pool with a nice deck can completely change the energy of a backyard, check for some of the Top Swimming Pool Contractor to make your backyard dream into a reality. There are so many pool architects that are extremely talented you can check the full list at You could think of your backyard as a tropical oasis with a few palm trees. Pools are not convenient everywhere as it can be a nightmare to clean a pool in a backyard full of trees. Here is Rich’s Tree Service, Inc contact information, the experts in tree removal and pruning. Pool maintenance can also be expensive depending on the size and shape of the pool.

Finished Basement For Entertainment

The basement of a luxury home is rarely used for storage. It is a shame that many homeowners use their finished basements for storage as it is such a versatile space. This can be used as a small apartment with a bathroom installation if there is a door leading outside. Most homeowners will want to turn this into an entertainment area. You can watch sports on full blast without worrying about bothering the rest of the people in the home. If you want to convert your basement into an additional living space, you may contact a waterproofing services company to help prevent water damage in your property.

You can turn this area into your own personal movie theater as surround sound is relatively simple to set up. The man cave is also a popular option if you install a bar or put a pool table in. You can even add Wollongong Vending Machines for snack and beverages. Look online for different ideas as there might be a few you have not thought of. 


A sauna can be a reasonably priced addition to any home. Take time to look at the different options available and the dimensions of the sauna. Being able to sweat out toxins can allow you to feel fresh after a long day. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in the sauna then taking on a nice cool shower. You will feel like you are in your own personal country club. These saunas can be traditional or infrared depending on how much you want to pay. The bathroom can also benefit from sink and bathtub refinishing

Home Gym

The home gym can provide convenience as not everyone feels like working out around other people. With a home gym, you can do yoga in the comfort of your own home. This can be in the basement that is mentioned above or outside. Make it as comfortable as possible with heaters for your home gym in your garage. There is plenty of equipment that can endure the elements. A small overhang over the equipment can make all of the difference. A large porch can even be used to house the fitness equipment. Saving a few dollars is easy if you look online for used equipment that is still in great condition. 

As you can see, there are options to turn your fixer-upper into a luxury home. Take time to create detailed plans to do so.

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