When Restoring Home after Water Damage is Done Right

Water damage can quickly spoil your home and you may not even realize its symptoms until it’s blown out of proportion, which is why you must reach out to mold removal experts in Miami. The signs and symptoms of water damage can be gradual or immediate. And therefore, being a homeowner, it is important that […]

Why Quality Matters in Your Home

Family matters, and your home reflects that. You’d never leave spaghetti stains, crayon markings, or paint splatters on the walls for weeks at a time, would you? You also wouldn’t leave every wall bare, with no photos, color, or decoration. You wouldn’t live with a stained carpet or hole in the middle of your kitchen […]

How to Boost Your Home’s Appeal

First impressions often make all the difference–studies show that we make decisions about others within seconds to minutes of meeting them for the first time. They even matter when you are putting your home on the market. However, you do not need to have your house up for sale to consider its level of curb […]

Report Number 2 on their new Retro Renovation trip Mike and Lindsey were therefore keen to see whether there was lovely first terrazzo flooring under the miles of wall-to-wall carpet in their “new” 1964 Edward Durell Stone “Home of Excellent Flavor” that after they closed, they got a quick beeline to pull-up the carpeting. Considerably […]

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