Top 5 Minor Home Renovation Tips to Add Value to Your Home

As far as home renovations or home improvements are concerned, there are a couple of factors to consider before deciding where to begin. You can check out these reputable Home Contractors in Riverside, California for their specialization and expertise in home renovations or home improvements!

The obvious influencer in determining which renovations to undertake is the cost. The other consideration is whether or not the money spent will be recouped through your home’s added value. If it turns out that the work will bring more returns on any potential sale of the property, then it is obviously a sound investment. For example, if your roof has visible damages that could be affecting your home’s curb appeal, conducting a roof repair would be advisable.

Statistics over recent years indicate that the majority of homeowners in the U.S. do indeed recoup the majority of any spending on renovations. The real question though, is which renovations for your particular property are likely to add the most value? 

1. Replace External Doors

  1. It’s true that first impressions are the most important. So replacing outdated front doors on certain townhomes, for example, can dramatically improve exterior appearance and make a positive initial impression on would-be buyers. 
  2. Consider the way someone else may view your house on approach, and hence be sure to replace any old, shabby, or squeaky front doors, especially ones that allow any cold in or heat out, thus making the property less energy-efficient.

2. Landscaping & Painting

Another “first impression” feature of any property closely related to its saleability is the look of the exterior. In some cases, a beautiful and well placed tree would seal the deal to some buyers. With the help of Alien Tree Service, your trees will live longer, healthier lives, giving you joy and increasing your property value for years to come. When talking about exterior looks, this includes both the paint and the brickwork, and also relates to the paving or surface of the driveway and garden areas. 

If you have recently gotten a siding replacement consider getting a few coats of fresh paint on it to give it a great look, as well as trimming and other associated elements like decks and sheds, as well as any outdoor furniture, will add more appeal. If you’re installing a new deck, you can visit If you already have decks in your home but want to improve its appearance, then you may consider getting help from a residential deck repairs expert.

Painting is a very affordable enhancement that won’t break the bank, especially if you do it yourself — or you might want to hire professional painters from Alex Trend Painters who can help with color schemes in order to potentially add even more value.

3. Increase Light and Space

The number one home improvement that anyone can make to add real estate value is usually related to the interior, especially in terms of light and layout. Dark-looking, over-packed spaces are a definite no-no in real estate terms. 

Generous displays of natural light are a huge plus, and can usually be achieved with more expansive rooms. Knocking down a wall or two could be the way to brighten up existing cramped spaces. Skylights and other ceiling variations are another way to brighten up any living space with more natural light. Experts who provide skylight installation in Poconos, PA can help you with installation.

4. Replace Wooden Floors

If your home currently has any hardwood floors, refurbishing them will undoubtedly add value by enhancing the look of the interior of your home significantly.

This is one of those jobs that might well be worth the effort in terms of added value. The cost will depend on whether you undertake the work yourself or get a specialist in, along with how much you want to pay for the materials.

5. Modernize and Update Bathrooms

Bathrooms are hugely important areas in any home. If these spaces seem outdated, it will likely be a downside to potential buyers. 

Updating bathroom fixtures and color schemes is not always massively expensive, but it can certainly add appeal to any property.

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