How to Increase Revenue at Your Home Improvement Business

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Starting a business can be tough especially if entering a competitive market like that of home improvement. There are so many niches of home improvement that can be profitable for a business. The creation of a workforce with varying skills is immensely important in today’s world. A number of projects will be singular whether it is repairing or replacing their hvac system or exterior painting the home. Others will be a complete revamp of a home that will require help from outside sources. The following are tips to help increase overall revenue at your home improvement business.

Invest in Digital Marketing

The digital landscape is full of websites that are dedicated to home improvement and its intricacies. Ranking at the top of search engines in the local area is of utmost importance. You need to have an easy to navigate website that shows examples of completed projects. Pictures are great but there should be video as well. This can show the true quality of your work and the transformation a home underwent in a matter of weeks. Online review sites need to be monitored as no response to a negative review can look as a lack of care for the customer. 

Subcontract Certain Parts of the Work

Finding reliable subcontractors can allow your business to take on a larger volume of projects. Trusted subcontractors will finish projects by the deadline without it impacting quality in a negative manner. Dumpster rental is a great example of enlisting another company to handle the disposal of materials. The ability to trust another company after working with them provides peace of mind. 

Negotiate Discounts for Materials from Trusted Partners

There is going to be the need for a number of different materials. Most providers are willing to work out deals if you exclusively use their company for materials. The worst thing that can happen is the provider doesn’t give you the discount so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Loyal customers are important to these types of businesses as there are plenty of options available. Make sure that all of this is done in writing as you do not want to quote multiple clients a price on a verbal agreement. Similarly, you may end up with spare material that you can no longer use in your projects. You can work with companies that can facilitate a commercial recycling box for you to deposit any material you would like to dispose of via recycling. This will not only be good for the environment but your bottom line as well.

Create a Referral Program 

Creating a referral program that rewards clients that you have worked with in the past can be a revenue-generating machine. People are going to be far more willing to refer a friend or family member if there is something in it for them. There are so many people that post on social media for recommendations on home improvement professionals that this needs to be leveraged. Most people will refer you business if they were extremely happy with the result and price associated. The added bonus might be enough to have them recommend the business to a person they otherwise wouldn’t have mentioned it to.

Increasing revenue should not come at the cost of decreasing the quality of work. Give clients reasonable timeframes to set their expectations appropriately.

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