Tips To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home energy-efficient is a win-win improvement in more ways than one. You get to save the planet from the comfort of your own household while also enhancing your quality of life and benefiting your budget. In case you need any emergency repairs, you should also consider the emergency electrician southport services.

  1. Benefits of an energy efficient home

Lower utility bills

An energy-efficient home costs less to operate. The lower cost comes from: tested performance, improved HVAC systems, high performance home windows with motorized window shades, air infiltration, and water efficiency. Living in an energy efficient building can cut your heating bills in half. Heating and cooling accounts for the majority of your energy costs so by implementing energy efficient appliance and practices you can save a bundle.  An energy audit can determine how much energy your home uses and understanding your national grid electricity bill is crucial to find the best rate that can result in several hundreds of dollars more in savings. By knowing what you are paying for, your better equipped to select the best alternate supplier with the most affordable rate.

Greater comfort

Eco-conscious homes bring the best of synergy. You save the planet by inhaling better indoor air and being free of unpleasant drafts and heating/cooling issues. Moreover, you get to save time by preheating the oven by the time you get home from grocery shopping and achieve the desired temperature by the time you get home from work. In case you have any damages in your windows, East Coast Window Installers, Inc. can get in charge of it.

Higher selling price

Home buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of energy-efficient homes. In fact, they’re often willing to pay a premium for homes with “green” upgrades.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Energy-efficient improvements generate immediate returns in the form of lower utility bills, increased property value and longer lifespan of smart devices that also means less repair expenses.

  1. Energy efficient home upgrades

There are many simple upgrades you can do with the help of an electrician reservoir that will both enhance your home and help the environment. Although an upfront investment is required, it can be as little as several dollars with substantial ones paying themselves off through reduced utility bills and longer lifespans.

  • Smart outlets

Do you leave your phone to charge overnight? Smart outlets can reduce that waste, by allowing a plugged-in device to use electricity only when it needs it or until your phone gets fully charged, saving you up to $440 per year.

  • Smart heating and cooling systems

These systems account for about 43% of your energy bill. The more efficient it its, the less hard that your HVAC has to work to achieve the desired temperature, also bringing you a reduction in your utility bill. A smart thermostat can save you up to $800 a year, with the potential even being greater if you have a large home with several ones.

  • Smart fans

Wi-Fi-enabled ceiling fans can reduce not only your cooling costs, but also heating ones. Because they are connected to smart thermostats, they automatically adjust their speed and direction. According to the best HVAC service company they help your HVAC work less reducing cost and increasing durability. Regular air conditioning repair and maintenance by experts like Hearn Plumbing, Heating & Air can also help your hvac systems’ efficiency.

  • Upgrade your lightbulbs

If you feel overwhelmed with so many changes, you can start with simple ones. LED lightbulbs last 25x longer than traditional ones and can use up to 80% less electricity. Making your home more energy-efficient can be as simple as replacing your traditional lightbulb with the LED upgrade. The savings potential is from $210-$420 a year.

  1. Energy efficiency tips

Even if you are not eager to invest in upgrading your home, there are many simple things you can do on your own to increase the energy-efficiency of your home. Some of them don’t even cost a thing. Customers who want to understand their energy options should visit ucahelps.

The attic and basement

We can easily forget about our attic as it’s often simply a place for storage, yet it can significantly increase your utility bill if something is not right such as air leaks around the attic hatch. For example, If the area below your attic hatch is cold in winter and hot in the summer, it means you’re paying to warm or cool air that’s escaping into the attic. For the same reason, a-sealing in the basement can be challenging, but the benefits can be substantial. It’s ok not to panic about every single hole,  but taking care of the biggest ones will do the job.


Cutting energy loss in your bathroom will not only freshen up your bathroom but also help you save money. Caulk your bathtub as soon as you notice it is no longer ‘white’ and clean and make sure that windows don’t have air leaks. Go a step further to think of water use as well, especially if you are a fan of long showers by installing a low flow shower head.


Did you know console streaming uses 10x the power than a laptop. Therefore, it is important to stream smart by using a device that uses less energy and only use the console for gaming. Don’t forget to unplug it when it’s not in use to avoid phantom waste. Standby power loss accounts for as much as 20% of your electricity bill. Your phone charger and cable box use power even when they are not in use so make sure you monitor your energy use via an app.

The Kitchen

Your refrigerator consumes a large portion of the energy used in your home. Simply cleaning it regularly will help it operate more efficiently. All you need is a vacuum cleaner to take care of the coils found on the back or in the bottom of your fridge at least once a month.

Making your home more energy efficient = being smartThe equation is simple. If you want to save an extra $1,000 each year? Make your home more energy efficient. Be smart and use the benefits of smart devices. Not only will lend a helping hand to the planet while saving money, but you will also increase the comfort of your household.

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